Whitepaper: Using Dedicated Software Tools to Drive Proactive EHS Growth Strategy

Recent years have seen a renewed, if long overdue, global focus on the necessity of organizational sustainability and proactive efforts to address environmental concerns. Driven abroad by the new European Green Deal and a strong focus on materiality and transparency in sustainability efforts with the adoption of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards for large companies, renewable energies are on track to overtake fossil fuels as the world’s largest source of electricity in the next five years. Domestically, the Biden administration has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement and is pushing a proposed $2 trillion climate-focused infrastructure plan that takes a “Whole-of-Government” approach toward boosting clean energy efforts and combating climate change. Perhaps the most significant driver of the push for sustainability and corresponding growth in the EHS sector comes directly from employees and consumers.

Simply put, data flow and task management can no longer be left to spreadsheets and disjointed routines. Time saving software tools that can automate repeat reporting, centralize metrics calculations, and streamline the collection and management of data channels from a wide array of silos and sources into a cohesive, integrated system are quickly becoming a requirement for remaining successful and competitive.

Our Using Dedicated Software Tools to Drive Proactive EHS Growth Strategy whitepaper will provide proactive tips to creating a centralized solution for EHS data management needs.

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