Whitepaper: Now That You Have All Your Data in One Spot – How to Use it

History has demonstrated, again and again, that for organizations of all sizes, if you sleepwalk into a crisis (i.e., climate change or a global pandemic), you likely won’t come out unscathed, if at all, on the other side. Against this backdrop, the demand for environmentally and socially responsible decision making by companies has exploded in recent years. Investment strategies that take environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors into account had a watershed year in 2020, with global inflows into sustainable investment funds having reached a whopping $80.5 billion by last September. 

This ongoing boom in sustainable investing highlights the rapidly growing importance of ESG concerns in overall business strategies. The need for regulatory compliance efforts is a given. And now, for Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) teams within organizations, the focus on and reach of their data throughout operational systems has shifted to how it aligns with overall business strategies and how it pertains to C-suite business decisions impacting the bottom line. Stakeholders, employees, vendors, and consumers alike want to see the transparent evidence that ESG goals are taken into consideration, and companies of all sizes have had to respond by implementing data tracking and management systems that can show their work and results across siloes and services. 

After more than 25 years in the trenches of the EHS industry, Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc. has developed the strategic method to specifically address the challenges of creating a proactive, integrated EHS program head on.   

Our Now That You Have All Your Data in One Spot – How to Use it whitepaper will provide insight into technology tools that are specifically created to streamline data flow of EHS management systems and deliver necessary site data in real-time, helping organizations to readily respond to risks as or before they arise. 

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