Welcome Stephen

We are pleased to welcome another new team member, Stephen Boadi. 

Stephen recently joined the Capaccio team as a Data Scientist. In this role, Stephen will support staff and our clients with streamlining data collection and verification for our EHS-Dashboard.  Further, Stephen will be responsible for analyzing data points within the EHS-Dashboard to better position Capaccio to consult with our clients using valuable data and predictive analysis to develop and implement EHS programs that directly impact our client’s objectives/targets.   

Stephen earned his Master of Science in Data Science, and Bachelor of Science in Statistics. His recent experience as a Data Analyst, Manufacturing Tech and Program Support Specialist makes him an ideal addition to the team. 

In his spare time, Stephen enjoys spending quality time with his family, particularly his three daughters, and enjoys social interactions with friends. When not surrounded by loved ones, he appreciates some solitary moments, often while listening to a diverse playlist of music genres. 

Capaccio continues to grow and is actively seeking passionate and driven individuals to join our team of experts.  Our unique approach combines our extensive EHS experience with cutting-edge innovative technologies.  For an exciting opportunity to work in the EHS industry, view our open positions.