Welcome Jessica Choiniere

Capaccio is pleased to introduce one of our newest team members, Jessica Choiniere. 

Jessica joined the Environmental Compliance team as an Environmental, Health & Safety Engineer.  Her diverse background and experience has already been a great asset across the entire company in the short time she has been with us. Jessica has jumped right in and is on-site conducting safety inspections, completing environmental reports (e.g., source registrations, Tier 2) assisting with Toxics Use Reduction Planning and fitting right in with the team. 

Jessica joined us from UMass Medical School where she gained EHS experience, most recently as an EHS Specialist. She has applied her skill set and built on those across the variety of services that we offer to contribute to the safety of people, the workplace, and the environment.  Jessica earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from UNH (Durham, NH), and minored in Architecture. 

When Jessica isn’t working to protect the environment, she is enjoying by camping, fishing and kayaking. 

Capaccio continues to grow and is actively seeking passionate and driven individuals to join our team of experts.  Our unique approach combines our extensive EHS experience with cutting edge innovative technologies.  For an exciting opportunity to work in the EHS industry, view our open positions.