Facilitated Training to Give Your EHS Team the Expertise

Our professionals have been trained to present technical information in a variety of
formats to help attendees maintain interest and focus.

CAPACCIO offers a variety of EHS training options to suit your needs and budget. From live training at your facility or ours, to standard or customized computer-based instruction delivered online, CAPACCIO has the training solution that fits your company’s training needs.

Our experienced staff includes Instructional and Database Infrastructure Designers as well as Certified Environmental, Health and Safety Trainers, Certified Hazardous Materials Managers and Certified Exemplar Global Provisional ISO Auditors. 


Whether you’re looking to complete your Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators Exam, or maintain your license, we can help.

2023 is a recertification year, but don’t wait till then to get your TCH credits!  For those looking to earn those TCH credits now, we have a library of on-demand courses available. Courses include:

  • Carbon Not Just for Dating
  • Importance of Proper Piping
  • Biological Wastewater Treatment for Industrial
  • Mixing and pH
  • Facility Grading, Staffing Operation & Maintenance

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CAPACCIO will visit your facility to conduct a wastewater treatment system evaluation and optimization. An experienced engineer will meet with your wastewater treatment operations staff and assist in evaluating and identifying ways to optimize existing systems. Training will begin with the development of process flow diagrams for existing operations, followed by a review of existing treatment operations and equipment. We will assist operators in understanding how the existing system works and identify opportunities to minimize wastewater flows and maximize treatment efficiency. 

This course is a 6 hour MassDEP-approved TCH course and is billed at a flat rate regardless of the number of operators who attend from your firm

Easily arrange your customized On-Site Evaluation and Optimization Course


  • Health and Safety Program Training (click for a list of sample courses)
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Implementation and Awareness
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Internal Auditor Training
  • Spill Prevention, Controls and Countermeasures (SPCC) Training
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Training
  • Wastewater Treatment System Operator Exam Prep/TCH
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“We have a great relationship with CAPACCIO and especially appreciate their responsiveness and ability to move projects forward without having to pull us away from our core duties. CAPACCIO and Neles have a true partnership.”

David Raymond / HSE Manager, Safety Coordinator, Neles Corporation

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