Building a System with the EHS-Dashboard™ to Effectively and Efficiently manage CAPAs

Corrective And Preventive Actions (CAPAs) are used to bring about improvements to an organization’s processes and are often undertaken to eliminate deficiencies identified during inspections, incidents, or other undesirable situations.  Put simply, CAPAs are nothing but assigned actions based on problems that have been identified.

Ensuring the effective completion of any CAPA is a top priority for any organization to ensure continued business success, but sometimes it can be challenging for EHS departments to keep up with their completion when there are dozens of items requiring attention.  But, by leveraging the EHS-Dashboard™, a Company can not only keep up with their CAPA completion, but also created a culture of proactive prevention. Join us as we explore the process by which you can effectively manage the results of inspections and incident reports efficiently and in a manner that cultivates a culture of continual improvement.

The Challenge: Streamline Inspection/Incident Reporting & CAPA Process

  • Clients are often faced with many inspections and incidents reported. It is challenging to keep all inspections/incident reports, any deficiencies, and their CAPAs organized and tracked through to completion
  • CAPAs were missed, not all inspections completed
  • Potential to lead to avoidable near-misses/incidents or fines because a violation was not observed because inspections were not being performed.

Discovering the Solution: Implementing EHS Software for Results Management

  • It was determined that the solution would be the creation of both email triggers that would immediately notify the EHS department when a deficiency was identified, and the automatic creation of CAPAs that are assigned to an individual with a due date

Realizing the Results: A Culture of Safety

  • Having real-time information about the state of incidents and inspections, and any associated CAPAs, allows the EHS manager time to focus on high priority items while simultaneously ensuring compliance requirements are met.
  • More people within the organization are now aware of EHS programs and requirements which increases the awareness of the importance of having a strong EHS culture to protect themselves and the environment.

Continuous Improvement: Always Evolving

  • By having real-time actionable data available the EHS departments can easily make a commitment to ensuring the continual improvement of workplace culture and safety by staying proactive and adapting to changing needs.

The EHS-Dashboard™ can provide an EHS team the platform they need to record, investigate, and report on inspections and incidents, and their associated CAPAs in their workplace.  By having all deficiency data collected in one central location, they are able to quickly spot and respond to trends or anomalous situations in real- time.  Additionally, this tool allows for the quick review of each CAPA that has been created assigned and provides a mechanism by which CAPAs can be monitored to completion to ensure an efficient and comprehensive resolution to the issue was implemented which also helps to prevent recurrences.