Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Exam-Prep Series


CAPACCIO is offering a live virtual training course to help you and your employees prepare for your Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators Exam.

2021 is a recertification year.
WWT Operators need to have 20 TCHs completed by December 31, 2021. Register today, save your spot for the WWT Operator Exam, and get started on your TCH credits.

Join us for our upcoming sessions starting September 14th!

CAPACCIO’s self-paced wastewater treatment operator course prepares candidates for the Massachusetts certification exam. The course includes an introduction and eight modules that you navigate at your own pace along with quizzes to measure your progress.

Upon completing the self-study portion of the course, CAPACCIO holds four 2.5-hour virtual classroom sessions. During these sessions, we review the course material, take practice exams, and answer questions to prepare for the licensing exam. Each session is approved for 2.5 TCH credits (up to 10 credits available).

Enroll and receive Textbook, USB Flash Drive, and 4 Live Sessions – $650

Enroll for 4 Live Sessions only. No textbook or Flash Drive included – $600


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