Something New, Something Scary

I’m an engineer. I work with engineers and scientists. We like our work, and we like predictability, pattern, focus. Over the past week and now starting the first official day of observing the Governor’s stay-at-home advisory to help flatten-the-curve of the spread of the coronavirus, I have entered into what I would call…MAYHEM!

As CAPACCIO continues to provide services to our clients remotely during this tumultuous time, those of us with young children that are typically at school/daycare are suddenly finding ourselves balancing the day between responding to client inquiries, moving project work forward, and keeping the house from falling apart. Project management has never been such a contact sport before.

I have a small house in a quiet MetroWest suburb, and it has turned into a house filled with All. Out. Warfare. As my 7-year old says, “Mommy I’m standing on my head,” I can’t help but think…you and me both kid, you and me both. He flips over and karate chops his sister as she runs around sans pants. It is only 10 o’clock in the morning and they’ve already achieved destroying the living room, eating all the food we were trying to ration for this long quarantine, and beating each other up (I’m impressed at how accomplished they are).

I sit here looking disheveled, sucking at being a homeschooling mama because let’s face it…I’m an engineer. I usually discuss air permitting with clients or special projects to replace air pollution control devices. Now I am discussing why it isn’t necessary to snack every 20 minutes and coming up with entertaining craft projects such as painting snow. These are scary times!

I don’t know how long this will last and how bad things will get, but at least we’re all in this together! My fellow CAPACCIO team members have been awesome throughout this experience, each of us helping to cover for others when needed. Our team is available to help our clients who are also juggling similar demands on their time; working together, we can help prioritize and pick up some of those balls for you.

One positive perk in this ‘new normal’ is our outdoor time has greatly increased with frequent nature walks and yard cleanup. As an environmental engineer, it has been such a breath of fresh air to enjoy walks with the kids in the middle of the day. Another positive – having a zero-minute commute is really great for reducing our carbon footprint! On the flip side, the emissions from the tons of hand sanitizer we are using most likely negates the zero-minute commute. Sigh.

From one quarantine(r) to another, hang in there and stay healthy!

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