SAFETY MINUTE: What is Hazardous Waste?

Did you know?

Most work places generate “waste” but if that waste is either “Listed” on an EPA/State list or exhibits corrosive, ignitable, reactive and/or toxic properties it is considered a hazardous waste. Hazardous wastes can be dangerous and/or capable of having harmful effects on human health and/or the environment. Hazardous waste can be generated from many different industrial and laboratory processes and can include liquids, solids, gases, and sludges. Generators of these wastes have to comply with rigorous requirements.

Regulatory Actions – 40 CFR 262.13

Persons/companies which produce hazardous waste as listed or characterized in part 261 of title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) are considered Hazardous Waste Generators. Because generators produce waste in different quantities, EPA has established three categories of generators in the regulations:

· very small quantity generators,

· small quantity generators, and

· large quantity generators

Accurately identifying types of hazardous wastes and the amounts of hazardous waste that are generated on-site is essential as it determines the facility’s hazardous waste generator status and the applicable regulations.

Do you know what waste streams and how much waste gets generated at your facility?

Are you fulfilling all applicable State and Federal requirements?

· Do you track the amount and type of waste that is generated at your facility?

· Do you inspect your waste weekly?

· Do you need and have a documented and up to date contingency plan?

How CAPACCIO can help:

· Conduct site assessments

· Prepare biennial hazardous waste reports and contingency plans

· Prepare applicable recycling permits

· Provide RCRA hazardous waste management training

· Assist with the implementation of a hazardous waste management program

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