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Capaccio received the Business Achievement New Practice of 2019 Award

Capaccio’s Program Optimization Strategy received the Environmental Business Journal – Business Achievement New Practice of 2019 Award, one of only a handful of businesses to receive the prestigious award.  


Capaccio earned the award in recognition of its ambitious efforts to create a new solution for its clients.


Our new Program Optimization Strategy helps clients prioritize and streamline their Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) initiatives. 


By analyzing critical components of programs in conjunction with organizational culture, we determine the level of our client's EHS program, strengths and weaknesses, and challenges. We analyze the drivers with respect to projects and recommend next steps based on where our clients are on the EHS continuum. 


Our Program Optimization Strategy Service has been proven to: 

  •  Increase Employee Engagement 

  •  Create Trusted Transparency 

  •  Demonstrate Value Creation 

  •  Strengthen Operational Efficiencies 

  •  Foster Industry Leadership 

  •  Contribute to Employee Well-being 

  •  Improve Community Safety 


Using a systems-based approach, we apply an algorithm using comprehensive data to model the impact of proposed solutions and facilitate the priority actions. Our quantitative method helps to focus attention and resources to maximize overall value. 


Program data is supported by our EHS-Dashboard™, a SaaS application that collects real-time information to evaluate progress towards objectives and identify trends and areas where more immediate actions are needed.  


Using this approach, our clients have become top-level performers in business and EHS management, appearing on lists such as the Forbes 500, the Newsweek Green 500, and the World Economic Forum (WEC) Top 100 World’s Most Sustainable Corporations. 



Environmental Business International Inc. (EBI) is a publishing and research company that generates strategic market intelligence on emerging opportunities in the Environmental Industry, Climate Change Industry, and the Green Economy.  


From October-December 2019, Environmental Business Journal solicited the greater environmental industry for nominations for the EBJ Business Achievement Awards in various size and scope designations. Final awards were determined by a committee of EBJ staff and their editorial advisory board members.  


Capaccio’s Program Optimization Strategy was one of seven business initiatives chosen to receive the Business Achievement New Practice Award.   


The 2019 EBJ Awards will be presented at the EBJ & CCBJ Awards banquet at the Environmental Industry Summit XVIII in Coronado California on September 10th, from 7-9pm.   

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Since our founding in 1992, we have helped companies of all sizes respond to industry and business transitions in order to continuously improve, stay competitive, and "move the needle." Our mission to “help industry and the environment prosper,” has taught us to always make your EHS and business success our priority. We collaborate with you to align your EHS programs to your organization’s strategy, making EHS a critical part of driving business goals. 

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