Program Optimization Strategy

Our Program Optimization Strategy received the Environmental Business Journal – Business Achievement New Practice of 2019 Award, one of only a handful of businesses to receive the prestigious award. 

Capaccio’s Program Optimization Strategy provides an objective methodology to optimize your EHS&S program.


We establish a baseline using data from the critical components of your EHS&S program to align with your organization. By evaluating your projects in the context of your organization, we ensure that the focus is placed on items with the highest priority/value that will drive your desired outcome.

Because no two EHS&S programs are at the same stage of development, and each has different strengths, weaknesses, drivers and resources, the depth of this assessment is customized to your organization’s needs and our best recommendations.

The strategy enables you to meet the growing expectations of all stakeholders and guide your organization to create a top performing program in your workplace and industry.


We start with an assessment of where your organization is now. This process includes a company-wide baseline evaluation of EHS to understand the existing extent of:

  • Cultural Adoption

  • Top Management Buy-In

  • Established Goals and Programs

After the initial assessment, we enter the

project evaluation phase which establishes

an understanding of the EHS department's:

  • Strategic Contribution

  • Resource Availability
  • Fiscal Feasibility

Our Partnership With You Facilitates:

• Increased Employee Engagement
• Trusted Transparency
• Operational Efficiencies
• Industry Leadership
• Management Buy-In
• Employee Well-Being
• Community Safety
• Financial Savings
• Business Continuity
• Program Excellence
• Alignment to Organization’s Strategy

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