What gets measured, gets managed…and reported?

Does the common phrase, “What gets measured, gets managed” extend to sustainability reporting? 

 CAPACCIO recently conducted a sustainability survey among our contact list, which included responses from 28 different industries. One of our main observations was that that about 75% of the respondents stated that they measure environmental concerns like air emissions, water, waste, and electricity, but only 29% take the extra step of voluntarily reporting.

 The disconnect between measuring and reporting can be explained by one or more of the following main reasons:

  1. It isn’t prioritized – There is a lack of value seen in reporting metrics

  2. It takes time and money – A high level of effort is required to collect, correlate, validate, and report data

  3. It is difficult to do – Data is difficult to collect across functional areas

  4. There is inherent risk – There is a fear of reporting data that may change in the future

 What are the benefits of reporting?  From an internal perspective, measuring and reporting drives companies to set realistic goals and implement effective measures to achieve them. From an external perspective, reporting increases both transparency and accountability. This simultaneously builds reputation with customers, stakeholders, and can increase third party sustainability ranking (Newsweek, Dow Jones, etc).

Does your company measure but not report? Tell us why!  If your company measures and reports, share the value with your peers.

If you are interested in receiving the our survey results and analysis, it can be purchased for a nominal fee. Please contact me: jmuszalski@capaccio.com for more information.

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