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Source Registration Deadline for Annual Filers for RY 2018 Announced!

The MassDEP recently released a February 26, 2020 deadline for Annual Filers reporting 2018 emissions. Filers are to utilize the eDEP web forms, which incorporate greenhouse gas (GHG) and source registration (SR) forms. 

The due date of February 7, 2020 for 2018 Triennial Filers was announced last December, making for a busy February reporting month.

As due dates have been delayed for some time, a tip for all reporters: Be sure any new equipment or processes that emit air contaminants which were installed since your last submission are included. 

The deadlines for Annual and Triennial Filers reporting 2019 emissions will align with the schedule set in the MassDEP Air regulations 310 CMR 7.12: 

  • Annual Filers: May 1, 2020 for a facility subject to 310 CMR 7.00: Appendix C in the previous calendar year;

  • June 1, 2020 for a facility that:

  1. Has a RES permit issued by the Department pursuant to 310 CMR 7.02(9);

  2. Had actual emissions of lead equal to or greater than 0.5 tons in the previous calendar year, or actual emissions of NOx or VOC equal to or greater than 25 tons per year in the previous calendar year;

  3. Emits an air contaminant subject to a NESHAP or is subject to a MACT standard defined at 40 CFR Part 61 and Part 63, for which the Department has received delegation from EPA;

  4. Is required, as a condition of a plan approval issued by the Department since January 1, 1990, to submit a Source Registration annually.

  • Triennial Filers: April 1, 2020 for facilities not subject to the annual reporting schedule.

As an expert in assisting clients with their SR and GHG reporting needs, CAPACCIO recommends that emissions be tracked on a regular and systematic basis utilizing a reliable method/software to ensure accuracy of calculations and emission factors. With the swift deadlines being released, this is of upmost importance to ensure a smooth reporting process. CAPACCIO’s EHS-Dashboard™ includes a chemical tracking component which can help facilitate air reporting requirements as you can review chemicals and calculate emissions in one place instead of using a spreadsheet. 

For more information Contact Us. Download our 2020 Compliance Calendar for a complete list of 2020 compliance dates which includes deadline from MassDEP and other regulatory agencies:

At CAPACCIO, we live our mission of “Helping Industry and the Environment Prosper”. We align EHS with your overall business objectives to strategically position you for success. Our unique approach combines our extensive EHS experience with innovative tools, such as our EHS Dashboard™, to effectively address your challenges. Our comprehensive solutions have resulted in award-winning EHS and overall business performance for our clients. We are certified WBENC, WBE. To learn more visit us at www.capaccio.com.

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