Source Registration and GHG forms are now available for 2016 data!

It’s the news many of us have been waiting for: the new Source Registration (SR) web forms and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reporting forms – are now available!

This is great news for annual filers, but, right now, you will only be able to submit your 2016 data. MassDEP will notify you when annual reporting web forms for 2017 become available.

If you are a triennial filer, you, too, will have to wait. MassDEP has deferred 2016 triennial reporting to the 2017 reporting year due to delays in the web forms availability. One caveat is some triennial SR filers also submit annual GHG reports and will need to do so using the new forms for 2016 data by the date listed below.

As all of this can be confusing, below is a table outlining the dates:Facility TypeYear of ReportingDue DateAnnual SR Filer2016October 19, 2018Annual GHG Filer2016October 19, 2018Triennial SR filer2016Deferred to year of reporting 2017 – Due Date UnknownAnnual SR Filer2017UnknownAnnual GHG Filer2017UnknownTriennial SR filer2017Unknown

For all reporters: Be sure any new equipment or processes that emit air contaminants which were installed since your last submission are included.

CAPACCIO can help you navigate the new reporting system, deadlines, and ensure you are including everything needed in this new process. We provide a full range of reporting services to meet your needs, from peer review to full submission.

For assistance, please contact Lynn Sheridan, EIT, at 774-249-2565 or

At CAPACCIO, we live our mission of “Helping Industry and the Environment Prosper”. We align EH&S with your overall business objectives to strategically position you for success. Our unique approach combines our extensive EH&S experience with cutting edge technologies, such as our EHS DashboardTM, to effectively address your challenges.  Our comprehensive solutions have resulted in award-winning EH&S and overall business performance for our clients. We are certified WBENC, WBE. To learn more visit us at


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