Neglecting Your Health and Your EHS Program’s Health Can Be Hazardous

Our series about auditing and how it resembles an annual physical comes to an end with this article that discusses risk management and process safety management (RMP and PSM) assessments. In the same way that an annual physical may alert you of weight gain or poor nutrition, an annual assessment of your chemical processes provides a grasp of the current state of the management of your facility’s hazards.

An annual physical typically begins with a weigh-in. Your weight is tracked and observed by your doctor, and when unhealthy dietary choices and lack of exercise have led you to pack on some pounds, your doctor will suggest that you modify your food choices and increase your activity level.

Likewise, mismanaging your RMP and PSM program could lead your processes down a slippery slope of poor condition. Does your maintenance group maintain each part of your process in a way that prevents known hazards? Have your operating procedures been reviewed and certified as current and accurate each year? Is your frequency of training your employees on RMP and PSM often enough so that employees are refreshed on the hazards of the process and can perform their jobs in a safe manner? Answers to these questions are asked during a required and enforceable 3-year Compliance Audit; however, wouldn’t it be a good idea to catch these issues ahead of time by performing an annual program assessment?

These pieces to the healthy PSM and RMP puzzle need constant attention, review, and care. Just as easily as you can get out of the exercise groove, you can also fall off the wagon with your awareness and upkeep of your PSM and RMP processes. An annual program assessment is non-enforceable, kept internal, and ensures that you regularly evaluate your PSM and RMP targets for compliance, the plan to reach those targets, program milestones achieved, the resources available to get to the next step, and program areas in need of work.

Just like there are apps to track your food and exercise plan on your phone, computer, or other electronic device, CAPACCIO’s EHS Dashboard can help you track your PSM and RMP action items from an annual assessment to help you reach your goals for a safe and healthy process.

Don’t wait for an inspection to uncover your program’s health issues; call or email Christine Silverman 508-970-0033 x 127 or for assistance.


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