How are Earth Day and Religious Holidays alike?

Earth day is upon us once again and (hopefully) volunteers will flock to the events around the country to participate. As a practicing Catholic, twice a year the pews of our parish fill up with families we have never seen and others that we only see at ball fields and school events. Some refer to these parishioners as “holiday Catholics”. I have heard many a sermon over the years where the priest will say something like “it would be nice to see so many people at every Mass” in an attempt to embarrass these parishioners into showing up more often. This is when my wife and I cringe because these families leave the Mass saying “that’s why we don’t come more often”. When in reality, we think it’s great that the pews are full! Why not take the opportunity to reach out and “engage” these parishioners in the Mass; make them feel welcome, not embarrassed. It’s alright if they don’t know when to kneel or stand; let them know how great it is that they chose to take the time to come and celebrate. Make them want to come back before the next holiday (Earth Day)!

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