Gray is the New Green Blog Series #2: The Caped Crusader Returns!

Lucy Servidio donning the Super TURP Cape in 2012

It was six years ago that I was in Australia speaking to the Western Australian Cancer Council about the benefits of Toxics Use Reduction planning. CAPACCIO was asked to be the keynote speaker and present industry’s perspective and approach to TUR planning.  I remember feeling I had to share examples of both practical and amazing success stories so that those attending the conference would be motivated to “take-off” on their own TUR journeys and reap the benefits that we have seen from working on TUR Plans with our clients. How would I capture their attention…what would make them believe me…that’s where the “Cape” comes in…I came up with the “SUPER TURP cape” to have a schtick for my presentation… the truth is the folks who organized the conference said when they first saw me in the cape they thought “Who is this wacko we flew in from America”?  See, I got their attention! All in all, I was well received and helped spread the TUR Planning seed to the lower hemisphere.

CAPACCIO’s visit with the South Korean delegation on April 13

So CAPACCIO was thrilled when we were approached by the South Korean Ministry of Environment recently to meet with a delegation of 22 representatives from the ministry and corporations including Samsung, LG Chem, and Hyundai to discuss our experiences in developing TUR plans for our clients. South Korea will be enacting a TURA-like regulation which will become effective in 2019. They have decided to implement this regulation to reduce the amount of chemical accidents and to improve worker safety and health. They chose to visit us because CAPACCIO has six TUR Planners, more planners per square inch than any other firm in Massachusetts!

Bongwoo Shin and Lucy Servidio

When the delegation arrived, our panel of TUR Planners was ready for their questions. It was so cool to be speaking to businesses from across the globe and realize how much we have in common and how much we can learn from each other. We made a real connection…for example, CAPACCIO’s mission is “Helping Industry and the Environment Prosper.” LG Chem, one of the delegates’, mission is “Balance between Business and Safety, Health and Environment,” which of course is very similar.  We sealed the new friendship when the Director of the Chemical Safety Management Team, from the Ministry of Environment, Bongwoo Shin, asked if he could don the official “Super TURP cape”. Others tried it on too. Who knows maybe a purple cape will lead to CAPACCIO helping with TUR Plans in South Korea! As I have said                                                                 before, “It’s hard to say no to a SUPER HERO!

At CAPACCIO, we live our mission of “Helping Industry and the Environment Prosper”. We align EH&S with your overall business objectives to strategically position you for success.  Our unique approach combines our extensive EH&S experience with cutting edge technologies, such as our EHS DashboardTM, to effectively address your challenges.  Our comprehensive solutions have resulted in award-winning EH&S and overall business performance for our clients.  To learn more visit us at



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