Podcast: Using software to execute against strategy

When researching and implementing EHS software solutions, it can be difficult, if not overwhelming, to sort through the various options necessary to identify which tool is right for your company. Regardless of organizational size and structure, there are universal elements that all companies need to be able to address with their technology tools.

In this podcast, John Baycroft, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at CAPACCIO explains:

  • What is it about this moment in history that highlights the importance of EHS concerns in our organizational landscapes?
  • Why is a centralized system for data collection and management so vital?
  • The fundamental elements that a successful EHS software system needs to deliver to be able to scale large integration strategies?
  • How did EHS-Dashboard™ come about and what does it deliver that sets it apart from some of the others? 

For more information on our highly-customized, intuitive cloud-based system that pulls together data from across your organization for real-time, actionable reporting, check out the EHS-Dashboard™.