Podcast: Now That You Have All of Your Data in One Spot – How to Use It?

EHS Growth

Companies who effectively plan ahead, taking ESG factors into considerations are more likely to be able to navigate unforeseen market changes such as a global pandemic or new environmental regulations. The successes these ‘prepared companies’ have had over the past couple of years underline the importance of ESG closely aligning with business goals.

Listen to Alexis Davenport, Customer Success Leader, discuss how companies can utilize their EHS data once they’ve centralized it in one system to drive Environmental Social and Governance factors and to align that with their business goals.

Data is being used to empower businesses to make decisions about risk management and elasticity amid disruption. You manage what you measure. Only a metrics driven approach to where you were, are and want to go can align all the different silos in your organization to be purpose driven/united toward a common goal. Data is the foundation that can help unify a culture, communicate to stakeholders and drive actionable movement to their goals.

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