Podcast: Global Biopharma – How Targeted Software & Strategic Support Fosters Real World Growth

Podcast Series: 2 of 3

In this podcast, Alexis Dallaportas, Customer Success Leader, and Travis Wheeler, Senior Associate, talk about how Capaccio’s engagement with a global biopharmaceutical developer client helped to structure and empower a forward thinking EHS team into a critical role within the organization for the quantifiable betterment of overall business efficiencies. 

The current myriad of regulatory and supply chain issues brought on by a perfect storm of the escalating climate crisis and the ongoing pandemic has spurred an increasingly urgent demand for environmentally and socially responsible decision making by companies of all sizes and in all corners of the planet. 

These factors, along with heightened expectations for EHS KPIs to align with overall business goals, means that EHS teams will now need to think bigger, aggregate new data, prioritize tasks, set benchmarks, make real-time adjustments to maximize efficiencies, and clearly communicate their benchmark achievements every step of the way. Efficient tools and techniques are required to keep it all organized. A key differentiator between the growing array of product offerings seems to be the inclusion of “EHS training content and active related support…with strong dedication to customer success,” as a major distinguisher for positive customer experience and Retention. 

But all of this is academic—what really matters is how the right software tool backed by a strategic method for proactive growth and expert support can and does empower real world EHS teams to expand their scope and answer the needs of this moment. 

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More information on can be found in our recent Whitepaper, Whitepaper: How Capaccio’s Targeted Software & Strategic Support Fosters Real World Growth Across EHS Teams and Systems here.