New TUR Planning Guidance Released (Massachusetts)

On November 20, 2019 – the new Toxics Use Reduction Planning Guidance Document was released to assist TUR Planners with the planning process for reporting year 2019. A Massachusetts initiative, Toxics Use Reduction planning has proven to be a very effective way to drive positive results, improvements, and sustainable growth across organizations that utilize this process.

The guidance clarifies:

  • When economic analysis is required
  • When to use a qualitative versus quantitative approach for “cost of Toxics”
  • Provides examples of what “good faith effort” includes

The new guidance was the result of a group of limited and general TUR Planners giving input to Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Toxics Use Reduction Institute and the Office of Technical Assistance. Lucy Servidio, Senior Vice President at Capaccio, was on the team as a General TUR Planner to improve the document.

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