EHS Software Demo: Most Asked Questions

Automate processes. Save time. Improve productivity. 

Are you considering various EHS software solutions but unsure just what to expect from a live demo? Whether you’re curious about its features, benefits, or how it can improve your EHS management, our team is here to provide you with all the answers you need. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and see firsthand how the EHS Dashboard™ can transform your EHS operations. 

Why attend a demo? 

The demo gives you a chance to see and interact with the EHS-Dashboard™ to get a sense of how it can help you manage your EHS data, follow up with data contributors, generate reports, track chemicals, and a lot more. Many companies use the software for different goals and the demo is an opportunity for us to focus specifically on your questions and how you would like to use it. 

How much time should I block for the demo? 

We know that time can be hard to come by these days. The demo can be customized however much time you have to give us. Depending on the number of questions you may have during the presentation, it can last anywhere from 20 mins – 1.5 hours. We’re happy to tailor it to your needs to make sure we provide you with accurate insight into how this tool may help you and encourage questions throughout! 

What will you cover? 

Our demos are customized to show you how you can optimize your EHS/ESG programs based on your specific requirements. During the demo, we will guide you through the EHS-Dashboard™ online environment and take you through some major use cases to demonstrate how your data can be gathered, visualized, and extracted for easy use. We will also discuss pricing and support packages. 

Who should attend a demo? 

Our experience suggests that a demo is most effective when there is someone present with purchasing power, the manager who will be championing the use of the system, as well as a few other team members who will be actively using/extracting information from the system.  

What happens after the demo? 

After the completion of the demo, CAPACCIO will reach out via email within a few days to follow up and see if you have any outstanding questions about the system or CAPACCIO. Once all questions and details have been addressed, the choice is yours if you would like to move forward with purchasing a subscription to the EHS-Dashboard™. We will then begin the on-boarding process with you and your team! 

The EHS Dashboard™ centralizes and streamlines data collection, verification, and analysis, and empowers users to make strategic advances in their EHS Programs through real-time data access and program transparency that ties directly into corporate goals. 

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