Meet EHS Scientist Cody Fitzgerald


Environmental, Health and Safety Scientist, Safety Scientist


Bachelor of Science – Occupational Health and Applied Sciences, Keene State College – Keene, NH

Cody’s story:

Following my graduation, I worked as a Safety Consultant in the insurance industry, assessing safety practices at various client sites and assisting with the implementation of best safety practices to reduce workplace incidents and injuries. I joined the Capaccio team in 2018, where I work with clients both on and off site assisting with the development and implementation EHS programs.

What do you like best about working in the Health and Safety field?

I enjoy working in the field to help clients across a variety of industries assess workplace risks and create solutions that increase safety for employees and reduce the likelihood of injuries and incidents.

Why I chose a career in safety:

I enrolled in the Introduction to Safety course at Keene State College because it sounded like a unique subject that I knew very little about, and it turned out to be an amazing choice. I quickly fell in love with the idea of dedicating my career to making the workplace a safer environment for everyone, and I am lucky enough to be doing just that.

How I’m entertaining myself during COVID:

During COVID, I have been entertaining myself by spending as much time as I can enjoying nature with my girlfriend and our dog (who seems unphased by the pandemic).

Favorite movie:

Since one of my favorite times of the year is Christmas time, I think I’ll have to pick the Christmas movie I make sure to watch every year, Elf. It was a wacky concept and hilarious movie when I watched as a kid, and continues to make me laugh every year!

We’re celebrating Safe+Sound week by profiling five of our EHS Scientists.

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