Massachusetts Aboveground Storage Tank Use Permit Renewals

Chemical Storage Tank

REMINDER: 2021 is a renewal year for Massachusetts Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Use Permits. Use Permits are issued for ASTs with a capacity of more than 10,000 gallons that store any fluid other than water, expire every 5 years and must be renewed before their expiration date. In accordance to 502 CMR 5.05(4), the following must be completed to renew the permit: 


  • A Qualified Tank Inspector must perform an onsite inspection of the tanks to determine if the condition of the tank is fit for continued use.

  • This Qualified Tank Inspector must have one of the following qualifications, as listed in regulation 502 CMR 5.00:

    • Massachusetts Registered Professional Engineer (PE)  

    • API 653 certified Inspector  

    • SP001 AST Certified Tank Inspector 

    • ASME Pressure Vessel certified Inspector 

    • FRPI SP9000 and SP9100 certified 

    • Alternative qualification: an inspector who has met the minimum qualifications established and approved by the Fire Marshal 

  • The Department of Fire Services must be invited to attend these inspections. The inspector must notify the Fire Marshal 14 days prior to the date of the inspection, and include the following in writing or by email:

    • Location of the inspection 

    • Date and time  

    • The inspector’s name and contact information  

  • Tank inspections must be conducted per their Approved Inspection Standard

Inspection Records 

  • As a condition of the AST Use Permit, the facility must perform inspections and maintain records in accordance with an Approved Standard.

  • As part of the Use Permit renewal process, the Qualified Tank Inspector is required to review these AST inspection records and certify that the AST has been inspected per its designated Approved Standard


  • The Department of Fire Services will mail an FP-102 Permit Renewal Form to the permit holder 45 days before the renewal is due.

  • Once all inspections are completed, the Qualified Tank Inspector must certify the FP-102 form and mail the completed form to the Department of Fire Services no later than 14 days after the inspection.


How can we help? 

CAPACCIO is dedicated to assisting facilities complete these permit renewals successfully and on time. CAPACCIO has several qualified Massachusetts PEs who are knowledgeable about the Use Permit renewal requirements and have worked closely with the Department of Fire Services on a number of AST-related projects. Please contact Christine Silverman at or Travis Wheeler for more information.