After thirty years of passionate engagement with EHS, we can honestly say that we know your concerns and love what we get to do to help alleviate them. Our clients see us as reliable, dedicated, open, and deeply informed partners in their pursuits—equal parts technical expertise and creative problem solving to meet every challenge.

How we help

Unlike many EHS firms, we specialize in manufacturing industries, and as a result, we have developed extensive expertise, breadth, and knowledge into the specific challenges these firms face across a range of applications, including adhesives, aerospace, chemicals, food processing, industrial ceramics, industrial plating, metal manufacturing, plastics, paper products, and thermal processing. 

100% of our client-facing staff have scientific and/or engineering degrees and certifications, with more than 400 years of combined experience. We provide continuous training to ensure that our staff are up to date on all the latest requirements and best practices. Each of our professionals is dedicated to your success. 

We think the most effective approach to looking at a client’s EHS needs starts with a high level evaluation of where they are on their EHS roadmap. We want to understand the big picture so that our solutions are strategic.

We start with an EHS evaluation which leads to a prioritization based on risk. Our team helps to develop a plan and can be there as part of your team to help with implementation. You can go to our EHS Services tab to see details about our services, but what distinguishes us from others are the forward thinking questions we ask. This mindset is proactive, always looking ahead and planning for the future which serves our clients well.

We are an active member of Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) and Women in Manufacturing Association (WiM).



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“We have a great relationship with CAPACCIO and especially appreciate their responsiveness and ability to move projects forward without having to pull us away from our core duties. CAPACCIO and Neles have a true partnership.”

David Raymond / HSE Manager, Safety Coordinator, Neles Corporation

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