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After 30 years of passionate engagement with EHS, we can honestly say that we know your concerns and love what we get to do to help alleviate them. Our clients see us as reliable, dedicated, open, and deeply informed partners in their pursuits—equal parts technical expertise and creative problem solving to meet every challenge.


The successful operation of biotechnology, life science and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities necessitates integration of environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance requirements into complex facility and quality management systems such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Over the last 30 years, we have developed extensive BioPharma expertise, working across the EHS ecosystem to solve these challenges for our clients.  

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Our team has experience with the processes used to manufacture medical devices, enabling us to set up the proper chemical tracking systems for reporting and permitting requirements. In this capacity, we work with MedTech companies to implement systems and programs to maintain conformance to the ISO 14001, 45001 and 13485 standards and to dovetail these with the regulatory requirements of the FDA and EPA.  We help go beyond compliance by assisting with sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goal setting and program development.

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The semiconductor and electronics industry faces heightened risk due to the types of chemicals and gases usedthe complex processes, as well as increased leadership opportunities with stakeholder demand to accelerate sustainability progress in all areas of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).  We have deep experience with these challenges as they apply to the semiconductor industry and have successfully implemented Toxics Use Reduction (TUR) planning to manage risks from chemical hazards and to reduce chemical usage.  

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General Manufacturing

Unlike many EHS firms, we specialize in manufacturing industries, and as a result, we have developed extensive expertise, breadth, and knowledge into the specific challenges these firms face across a range of applications, including adhesives, aerospace, chemicals, food processing, industrial ceramics, industrial plating, metal manufacturing, plastics, paper products, and thermal processing.It’s critical when hiring an EHS consultant that they have experience with your specific types of operations. Metal finishers’ EHS risks and concerns are very different from a food processor. We understand the difference.

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“We have a great relationship with CAPACCIO and especially appreciate their responsiveness and ability to move projects forward without having to pull us away from our core duties. CAPACCIO and Neles have a true partnership.”

David Raymond / HSE Manager, Safety Coordinator, Neles Corporation


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