Going Digital with the Annual Compliance Calendar

Every year, Capaccio publishes a static PDF Annual Regulatory Compliance Calendar to help those in the Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) profession manage their EHS regulatory requirements throughout the coming year. This will be our last year to do so.

“WHY?” you may ask. Because for the last 25 years, we at Capaccio have dedicated our efforts toward providing the most valuable tools to our clientele—and we remain committed to doing so! Simply put, a static PDF calendar no longer best serves the needs of your increasingly complex and demanding regulatory schedule. You, and the EHS industry as a whole, require more.

On the surface, we all know that a compliance calendar tracks and centralizes important dates and deadlines associated with critical regulations, reporting obligations, industry filings, permits and accreditations. But what if it could be a far more versatile and efficient tool?

Effectively using a compliance calendar isn’t just about looking at the important dates in the first week of January and then never checking them again. Instead, as EHS professionals, it is imperative that we have a reliable yet flexible way to maintain regulatory compliance in the ever-present surge of deadlines for both internal and external demands. It has become increasingly necessary that your tool is both nimble enough to pivot with your business and EHS tasks, AND robust enough to scale to a broadening scope while ensuring that on-going deadlines are never missed.

Think about it, a PDF calendar hung on a wall isn’t going to provide effective guidelines for an EHS team in today’s work-from-home/socially distant work environments. So, after decades of in-the-trenches trial and error, we’ve built the tool specifically designed for EHS professionals that we wished we had at the start.

The EHS-Dashboard™ from Capaccio brings the compliance calendar into the cloud to leverage technology for compliance improvements. With a centralized data hub for customized workflows, automation of standardized reporting tasks, and elastic management of compliance requirements for organizations of all sizes, there are many benefits of having an online, cloud based EHS system:

  • Allows for Proactive Planning, as discussed in our November 2020 Blog, for reporting in upcoming years with a custom, smart calendar that will identify reporting deadlines and track benchmarks.
  • Sends targeted reminders of upcoming deadlines to appropriate people.
  • Links necessary permits to data and action items.
  • Can be accessed by registered users from anywhere at any time.
    o Centralizes team efforts reducing redundancies and keeping everyone on the same page.

    • Provides real-time data collection to demonstrate progress on short and long-term projects and compliance requirements.
      o Easily shareable data you can provide to all interested parties.

While regulations and the business environment shift over time, organizations that haven’t planned accordingly find themselves putting out one fire after another without ever really getting ahead. A digital compliance calendar provides the inherent elasticity necessary to manage your organization’s compliance needs with the ability to fluidly navigate unforeseen changes and enact the real-time decision making that frees EHS teams to promote proactive planning and growth.

As the new year takes hold, smart companies are planning ahead in every aspect of their business and setting goals for sales, production, and their employees. While you strategize for the future of your company and EHS teams, consider the EHS-Dashboard™ from Capaccio as the tool that can help guide your programs and initiatives through 2021 and beyond!

Email us or call us at 508.970.0033 to schedule a demo of the EHS-Dashboard™ or to talk about how we can help you with your compliance efforts.