Built by ehs Professionals for ehs Professionals

The EHS-Dashboard™ was developed to give all levels of your organization a centralized view of your company’s EHS data, simplify data collection, measure and track your performance against goals, and gain access to real-time risk assessments.

We offer high level support to ensure your EHS program maps to your business goals. The Help Desk is staffed by EHS experts making it easier to get your questions answered efficiently and effectively.

With flexible pricing, we have options to meet business’ needs.

Annual Subscription is based on the number of facilities.

support tiers

Professional Package Pricing Options


✓  Creating/configuring metrics per client
✓  Supporting the roll out of new data collection
✓  Configuring air and wastewater permits per client
✓  Creating custom forms within the EHS-
     Dashboard™ per client specifications
✓  Building Incident Report/Investigation and Risk
     Assessment/Hazard forms per client specifications
✓  Completion of the regulatory matrix setup and the
     scheduling of corresponding calendar items per
     client specifications
✓  Generation of customized reports and data
✓  Data integration project planning
✓  Additional resource calculation set up

Partners Pricing Package

Includes Everything in Professional Plus:

✓  Developing and/or expanding sustainability
     programs and initiatives
✓  Applying Program Optimization Strategy to
     align initiatives with corporate goals
✓  Supplementing your EHS team with on-site
     CAPACCIO staff
✓  Conducting EHS Audits
✓  Assisting in developing/implementing ISO
    14001/45001 management systems
✓  Creating data-driven Risk Assessment and
     reporting processes
✓  Developing and implementing EHS compliance
     programs material to your company
✓  Designing and upgrading wastewater treatment
✓  Conducting air emission assessments to forecast
     future process expansion
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