The EHS-Dashboard™ was created by our own EHS professionals to solve the problems our clients face. It’s a highly-customized, intuitive cloud-based system that pulls together data from across your organization for real-time, actionable reporting. Easy to use, endless possibilities to configure your existing processes. The EHS-Dashboard™ software offers advanced functionality at a lower cost than most rival products.

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Measurable Goals Start with Good Data

Our dedicated EHS professionals poured more than 30 years of EHS expertise and innovation into the EHS-Dashboard™ to improve the way EHS data is managed. With our tool, your team can spend more time building safer workplaces, minimizing environmental impacts, and positioning your organization for success.

Cloud-based Tool Enables Strategic Advances in EHS

The EHS-Dashboard™ software for EHS management is highly customizable, cloud-based, and available by subscription. The only tool in the industry designed by EHS experts, it centralizes and streamlines data collection, verification, and analysis, and empowers users to make strategic advances in their EHS Programs through real time data access and program transparency that ties directly in to corporate goals.

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The EHS-Dashboard™ team is committed to the security of our clients’ Environmental, Health and
Safety data and personal information. Please see below for a summary of the security measures being taken by
our team in addition to our hosting provider to ensure our clients’ data is protected.


Find out more about our flexible pricing options and data security:

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EHS Dashboard Software Incident Report

Experience The Benefits and Gain Peace Of Mind

  • Transform existing spreadsheets into automated processes
  • Evolve current workflows to be replicable across multiple sites
  • Obtain enhanced data accuracy & consistency
  • Configure and track infinite number of performance metrics
  • Quickly spot and respond to trends or anomalous data with real- time, cloud-based data

Comprehensive Toolset

  • Health assessment and contact tracing
  • Incident Reporting with instant automated alerts
  • Custom Reporting Views
  • Work Order System
  • Hub for reporting and inspection documentation
  • Custom Forms that can be used for inspections, corrective actions, safety checklists, employee surveys, vendor requests, etc. The options are endless!
  • Audit Tracking
EHS-Dashboard Software Air Compressor Report


Alexis Dallaportas

Customer Success Leader

“Working with clients to achieve even greater success than anticipated is one of the joys I find in working with the EHS-Dashboard™!  It is inspiring working with organizations to help them evolve their traditional EHS programs into ones that are forward-thinking and integrated into their company’s overall business goals!” 

“The people who built it are the same as me, they are easy to talk to and understand my challenges.”

Jeffrey Richards / Director EHS, Alynylam Pharmaceuticals

“We’ve been working with CAPACCIO since 2014 and have been very happy with their services, people and the forward thinking approaches which have elevated our programs to another level. CAPACCIO and the EHS-Dashboard ™ have made so much more possible.”

Senior Environmental Project Manager / Public Agency

“The customized solution that CAPACCIO created for us in the EHS-Dashboard™ simplifies the capture, management and analysis of relevant information, streamlining our calculations. That means there is more time now to work on other important EHS projects. That advantage represents ample reason to recommend use of the EHS-Dashboard™.”

– KARL STORZ Endovision

“We started using it for tracking some requirements, sustainability tracking and keeping things organized and in one place. It’s been great for sustainability tracking – it pulls our electricity info directly from the provider, gas usage uploads automatically, water auto, chemical usage, metal vendors fill out the type of metal for environmental reporting. Everything is now in one place. Good tool to have everything there. It’s a great audit trail.”

David Raymond / HSE Manager, Safety Coordinator, Neles Corporation