A streamlined wastewater system design effort, whether it be for a small system retrofit or a new state of the art facility, must always start with a comprehensive Basis of Design (BOD). The BOD not only needs to adequately document scope, technical approach, performance requirements, and contracting approach, but must also define the objectives of all key project stakeholders.

This approach has been proven to limit design iterations, save time, cost, and re-work in the fieldYou don’t build a house without a foundation, and we don’t design without our customer’s buy-in on the BOD.      


We provide value-added Construction Engineering services when our designs go to the field for implementation. We expedite the careful review and approval of contractor submittals to make sure long lead materials and equipment meet the requirements of the project before they are procured. Inspections are performed at key project milestones to ensure systems were installed as designed and that any unexpected field conditions were properly addressed. We ensure commissioning and as-built records are properly documented, facility operators are properly trained, and the system performs as requirement by the design before the contractor receives final payment. Our approach saves our customers time and costs, and prepares the new facility for a successful Operation and Maintenance (O&M) program.      


Our engineers have backgrounds in the full range of wastewater design, construction, and O&M Management areas. As such, we are well suited to provide our expertise to customers to ensure their wastewater treatment facility runs smoothly and stays in compliance. Related services include Wastewater Discharge Permitting, Facility Grading, Operator Training, O&M Manuals, Continuing Education credits, Troubleshooting, Data Management and Reporting, and Safety Audits. We have excellent rapport with state regulators and local municipalities, and we will ensure your wastewater facility complies with all related requirements. 


Risk Management for HSE

Construction Quality Assurance 

Analyzing Data for HSE

System Optimization

EHS Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Streamlined Design Process 

Data-Driven EHS

Wastewater Troubleshooting

Regulatory Help

Excellent Regulatory Rapport


Chris bannon, pe
ENGINEERing team leader

At Capaccio, I love that I’m given the opportunity to work on a wide variety of interesting engineering projects. I really enjoy working closely with our clients and collaborating to better understand the challenges they face. 


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“Capaccio has been a valued partner to ChemArt since 2006 and is currently working with us to develop a plan to modernize the facility’s industrial wastewater pre-treatment system to ensure compliance and enable us to grow in the future. Capaccio has taken a Value Engineering approach to designing system improvements that meets our business objectives. This approach focuses on a cost-effective combination of existing infrastructure inspections/improvements and new equipment installations that will give us the safety, operability, and compliance assurance we are looking for at a reasonable cost. New systems will be installed in parallel with legacy equipment to ensure zero down-time during the transition to the improved facility.”      

Dave Marquis, President, ChemArt

“CAPACCIO has remained our beacon of light when it comes to providing guidance on environmental matters.”

Beth Tshudy / Director of HR Operations, Analog Devices, Inc.

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