We approach Engineering and Design with a client focus. Rather than going straight into design details, we initiate these services starting with a Basis of Design that lays out the regulatory requirements, range of operating conditions, future expansion needs, performance expectations, equipment redundancy, control approach, and the client’s short term and long term business objectives.

Because we are not committed to any equipment line or solution, we consider all practical solutions that could meet our customer’s needs.  We weigh the pros and cons of alternative approaches with the client and take a step back to look at design approaches that are high value and would have a positive high impact on the client. We shine the light on the option that fits all the above, and then move on to the design details that will meet defined objectives.   


Water/Wastewater Treatment Design

Removing contaminates for water reclamation is one of the hardest and most important tasks for the health of our worksites and world—our innovative design experts and rigorous engineering standards can help guide your process.

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LSP, Site Assessment & Remediation

Whether the challenge is an assessment/remediation/emergency response project under the MCP, a property transaction under ASTM, peer review/legal assistance, construction support, UST management or site soil/groundwater management, we approach each aspect in a manner that is practical and customized to the client’s needs while maintaining safety and regulatory performance standards.

Our in-house team of LSPs, PEs and Health and Safety Scientists maintain the appropriate OSHA training for performing on-site activities in a safe manner.  Our staff receives continual regulatory training so that we can incorporate the most current options towards evaluating and mitigating the potential environmental risk at our client’s property. 

Facility Commissioning/Decommissioning

Decommissioned Plant

We manage projects relating to the addition and/or relinquishment of facilities using an integrated team of LSPs, PEs and Health and Safety Scientists to help clients evaluate the potential environmental risks at the property which may include lease termination requirements.  These requirements can include sampling of surfaces/ductwork, cleaning and/or decontamination of areas of chemical storage or usage, or an indoor air evaluation. We can provide task-specific services through a final written Decommissioning and Decontamination Report certifying the entire facility. 


Cost Effective Design Solutions

Improved Energy Efficiency

Water Conservation/Reduced Water Sewer Costs

Reduced Waste

Reduced EHS Risks


Our Engineering Team is made up of highly qualified and skilled engineering professionals. We specialize in industrial wastewater system design. We design cost effective, environmentally sustainable solutions that incorporate value-added alternatives to recycle water, reduce waste, and improve energy efficiency. Whether we’re conducting a wastewater characterization, pilot testing, system design, construction or operational optimization, our team will involve client representatives and guide them through the design process. 

  • Registered Professional Engineers
  • Licensed Site Professionals (LSP)
  • Licensed Wastewater Treatment Operators
  • Third Party Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) Inspectors 
  • Certified Professional Geologists


After 30 years in the trenches, our sustainability and EHS experts have developed the
EHS-Dashboard™, a new customizable tool to streamline the tracking, reporting, and communication processes for global sustainability initiatives.

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“My sweet spot in engineering is helping manufacturing clients identify and then eliminate or adapt to constraints on their growth. I enjoy working with our team to design solutions that address utilities (water, wastewater, energy), space, and other internal and external constraints such as permits or other contracts or commitments. I love to help our clients grow and meet their business objectives without increasing their footprint.” 


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I have used the firm for different aspects like stormwater, LSP services and air quality, and have always been happy with the results. Any project I have thrown their way has been thorough, completed on time, and at a cost-effective price.” 

Robert Daniels, Jr., Associate Director, Environmental Health & Safety Officer, Worcester State University

“Combining our extensive knowledge of federal, state, and local EHS regulations with our experience across multiple industries, we can assist clients through complex EHS reporting, permitting, and planning steps to meet both standard regulatory requirements and company specific benchmarks toward future growth.”

Dave Marquis, President, ChemArt

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