EHS-Dashboard™ Makes Health Checks and Contact Tracing Easier

EHS-Dashboard Helps With COVID-19 Health Checks

Health and government officials have emphasized the importance of employee health checks and contact tracing as core elements of our businesses overall COVID-19 Control Plans. However, finding an easy and effective way to do these things is easier said than done. While we emphasize the importance of safety and health programs during Safe + Sound Week, we introduce an innovative approach to this new challenge businesses are facing.

At CAPACCIO we use the ,EHS-Dashboard™ platform that we developed to automate the process and allow an easy flow of data from our employees to management.

Employees simply fill out the Health Check questionnaire to self-assess risk factors to determine if they are cleared to visit our office or a client site that day, and then 8 hours later they receive an automated email alerting them to update the form with contact tracing information. If the employee is at risk of spreading COVID-19, the app will instruct them to stay home. Human Resources and management can monitor employee status and access contract tracing as needed with real-time reporting.

This is just one example of the many ways the EHS-Dashboard™ can adapt and assist with new and changing EHS requirements. If you’re interested in hearing more about how the EHS-Dashboard™ can not only assist with COVID-19 related requirements but also provide real time EHS data at your fingertips, please reach out to Travis Wheeler at , for a demonstration of the platform.