EHS-Dashboard™ FAQ

Looking for a top-notch EHS software solution? Find out the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our EHS software here.

Absolutely, the EHS-Dashboard™ can seamlessly integrate with your company’s existing systems. Through careful design and compatibility considerations, the implementation process is streamlined to ensure minimal disruptions to your current operations. This integration not only enhances the overall functionality of your systems but also facilitates a smooth transition, allowing your company to leverage the benefits of the new solution without any major hurdles.

Drawing an analogy to a fitness watch, we frequently liken our software’s functionality to provide you with a clearer comprehension of its integration with existing systems. Learn more in our blog.

When your data is utilized within the EHS-Dashboard™, it undergoes a process where it is securely stored on the cloud infrastructure. This approach ensures that your data remains readily accessible whenever needed and allows you to easily retrieve and download your data as required 

Is my data secure?  

The EHS-Dashboard™ team is committed to the security of our clients’ Environmental, Health and Safety data and personal information. Please visit our security page for an extensive summary of the security measures being taken by our team in addition to our hosting provider to ensure our clients’ data is protected. 

Who is my data shared with?

The data remains confidential and is not accessible to unauthorized parties. This controlled access ensures that your information is kept secure and only accessible by those with the appropriate permissions within the EHS-Dashboard™ system as defined by you. Your data’s confidentiality and integrity are of paramount importance to us. 

Capaccio provides EHS-Dashboard™ support as part of the initial setup fee. This gives you and your team access to one of our EHS experts that will personally understand your goals and develop a timeline for implementation. This person can also assist with tasks within the system such as form creation or historical data upload.

When you encounter challenges or questions, there are several avenues available for seeking help. Our comprehensive support includes access to the document library, a user-friendly chat box, and a dedicated ticketing system.

Additionally, you can reach out for assistance through emails or Teams messages directly with your dedicated EHS-Dashboard™ expert. This network of support ensures that you’re never alone when facing technical issues. Our team is committed to offering assistance and guidance to help you navigate new initiatives, reporting requirements, or adding new programs to the system.

We truly take pride in the unique origin of the EHS-Dashboard™. While other software is created by developers, the EHS-Dashboard™ was crafted by EHS professionals with a wealth of 30+ years experience and expertise, this software is meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs we have seen within the industry. This deep-rooted understanding of the field allows us to tailor the EHS-Dashboard™ to address specific needs, making it a standout choice amidst the sea of EHS software options.

While you might already be tracking chemicals, the EHS-Dashboard™ brings a distinct advantage by enabling intricate calculations with your chemical data. This includes the ability to compute complex metrics such as air emissions, CO2 equivalents, and detailed chemical usage information by CAS number. These advanced capabilities go beyond basic tracking, offering you a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impact and usage patterns of the chemicals your organization deals with. Learn more in our blog.

One of the main purposes of the EHS-Dashboard™ is integrating rolling data and information upward to track multiple locations and practices to ensure automation is in full effect.   Recognizing the importance of aggregating data across various sites, we’ve integrated a key feature to facilitate seamless upward data and information flow.  

Regardless of whether you’re operating at a site-specific level, across the nation, or on a global scale, the system allows for effortless grouping and rolling up of data. This capability ensures comprehensive and streamlined reporting at any organizational level, making the EHS-Dashboard™ an ideal solution for enterprises seeking cohesive and centralized data tracking and reporting.