Data Made Easier: How to Utilize the EHS-Dashboard™ to Establish a System to Track Wastewater Flow

Waste management log

Wastewater is something that almost every client deals with.  A part of every Discharge Permit is the requirement for compliance sampling, pH and flow tracking, and then submitting those results to the POTW.  Additionally, this data is often needed to diagnose compliance issues.

Successfully tracking and documenting this data is a mundane task that requires time to adequately manage. Whether our client manages this themselves, or entrusts the task to CAPACCIO, there is a faster, more convenient way to manage this data than just doing it by hand or in Excel!  From compiling data for a submittal to diagnosing compliance issues, the EHS-Dashboard™ can save EHS and facilities professionals time and effort so they can use their valuable time more effectively.

The Challenge: Streamline Data Collection for Ease of Access

  • Clients are faced with permits, reports, and submittals from many different authorities. Managing the data needed to complete these can be a time-consuming nightmare.
  • More pressing duties can lead to incomplete data management due to the hassle of manually tracking data.
  • Compliance issues can stall during the investigation process while someone takes the time to sift through mountains of old paper logs—instead of focusing on their important duties and pressing issues.
  • Potential to lead to avoidable near-misses, incidents, or fines because a submittal was late, or a violation was not resolved in time.

Discovering the Solution: Implementing EHS Software for Data Management

  • Data for environmental metrics can be easily and efficiently added, viewed, and exported in the EHS-Dashboard™
  • Calculations become a breeze due to the creation of calculated metrics using the desired formulas.

Realizing the Results: Efficiency and Resource-Saving

  • Having real-time information about your wastewater data can save hours of time.
  • EHS and Facilities are now able to pivot resources to focus on other tasks.
  • The headache of submittals and reports becomes a thing of the past as the data is easily accessible.
  • Thanks to the ease of data tracking, this client is able to file for a low-flow discharge permit because they can demonstrate their flow volumes and historical data, resulting in lower costs from fewer required compliance sampling events and other wastewater-associated fees.

The EHS-Dashboard™ can provide EHS and facilities teams the platform they need to record, track, and report on wastewater metrics.  By having all their flow volume data collected in one central location, they can quickly export data for a more streamlined report creation.  Additionally, this tool allows them to easily store, track, and calculate current and historical flow data, and more efficiently solve any compliance issues.