Case Study: Developing a Targeted Software Solution to Streamline EHS Team Activities and Elevate Strategic Scope

The Challenge

When researching and implementing EHS software solutions, it can be difficult, if not overwhelming, to sort through the various options necessary to identify which tool is right for your company. Regardless of organizational size and structure, there are universal elements that all companies need to be able to address with their technology tools. The key is finding the right platform that can streamline and standardize the way operations are performed, while still having the ability to flex to accommodate any specific requirements that arise for uninhibited growth potential. 

For almost thirty years, CAPACCIO has worked with clients to help their Environmental, Health and Safety teams improve processes, initiate new programs, prepare for audits, design new wastewater systems, and manage air emissions and permitting requirements. After spending so much time directly assisting companies of all sizes in their day-to-day work, CAPACCIO understood exactly what challenges EHS teams needed their software tools to tackle—and how the right tool could not just expand the scope of their EHS Programs, but allow them to be fully integrated with an organization’s overall strategic goals. Tools that do this effectively do so by:

  1.  Developing a user friendly and easily integrated software platform that standardizes data collection and management processes into a centralized hub to improve organizational proficiencies.
  2. Simplifies the auditing processes with an intuitive audit trail with automated data tracking and notifications.
  3. Streamlining processes by automating repeat functions, thus eliminating duplicate efforts, and enabling the easy tracking of KPIs.
  4. Improving risk management with fast comparisons of production, team performance, and other data across locations to quickly identify and mitigate the root causes of potential risks.
  5. Getting an enterprise-wide view of how integral EHS is in an organization to maximize efficiencies in strategic planning.

Download the Case Study Below.