Next Level Chemical Tracking Revolutionizing EHS Software: Capaccio’s EHS-Dashboard™ Feature Spotlight

Chemical Tracking on a Computer

What sets Capaccio’s software apart from the competition is the fact that it was not only developed for EHS professionals but was actually designed by EHS engineers and scientists themselves. This unique approach ensures that the software addresses the specific needs and challenges faced by those working in the EHS field, making it a powerful tool for businesses striving for EHS excellence.

One of the most impressive and innovative features of Capaccio’s EHS-Dashboard™ is its advanced Chemical Tracking functionality. Every chemical used in an organization comes with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), detailing crucial information about each chemical’s breakdown of properties, hazards, handling procedures, and disposal guidelines. While most EHS software platforms offer basic SDS management, Capaccio’s EHS-Dashboard™ takes it to the next level.

Unraveling the Power of Chemical Tracking:

Effective chemical tracking goes beyond simply storing and organizing SDS information. It recognizes that many chemicals used in industries often contain other chemicals as part of their composition. This intricate chemical hierarchy can be challenging to navigate and track accurately.

The Chemical Tracking feature of Capaccio’s EHS-Dashboard™ has a unique capability to identify and link parent chemicals with their constituent substances. This functionality streamlines the tracking process by automatically associating related chemicals. By setting up the chemicals once, users can access an interconnected database that simplifies and accelerates data retrieval and reporting. Having chemicals broken down by constituent allows a company to aggregate like CAS numbers and compare with the myriad of thresholds that trigger reporting requirements (e.g., Toxics Release Inventory, Tier 2 Reporting).

The Power of Environmental Reports:

In industries where chemicals are used, it is crucial to monitor their consumption and disposal to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Reporting on chemical usage and associated environmental impacts can be a complex and time-consuming task for EHS professionals. However, Capaccio’s EHS-Dashboard™ takes this burden away through its chemical tracking and calculation capabilities.

When chemicals are used in various processes or products, it can be challenging to keep track of the amounts consumed and the potential environmental effects. Capaccio’s EHS-Dashboard™ does the heavy lifting by performing automated calculations based on real-time data inputs. The software not only provides a comprehensive overview of chemical usage but also generates accurate environmental reports, simplifying the compliance reporting process.

The Unique Advantage of Capaccio’s EHS Dashboard™:

What sets Capaccio’s EHS-Dashboard™ apart from its competitors is its commitment to providing a software solution that caters specifically to EHS professionals. As the software was designed by EHS engineers and scientists, it addresses the precise pain points and requirements of those working in the field. The Chemical Tracking feature exemplifies this commitment to excellence. By offering a comprehensive database of chemicals and their interconnections, the software streamlines chemical management, enhances data accuracy, and facilitates compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

Moreover, the ability to perform real-time calculations and generate detailed environmental reports is invaluable for companies aiming to proactively manage their chemical usage and reduce their environmental footprint.


In a market flooded with EHS software, Capaccio’s EHS-Dashboard™ stands out as the only software designed by EHS engineers and scientists for EHS professionals. Its Chemical Tracking feature, unparalleled in the industry, enables businesses to streamline chemical management, enhance data accuracy, and comply with safety and environmental regulations effortlessly.

Embrace the power of technology designed by experts in the field to ensure a safer, more sustainable future for your business.