The types of audits and reasons to conduct one vary, but the value of having one can make a significant advancements toward risk management and continual improvement of your EHS programs and systems. Ideally, an organization will always be prepared for an audit at any time, but even within the most organized programs, items can sometimes fall through the cracks.


Completing proactive EHS and systems audits supports the effectiveness and efficiency of programs, the reliability and integrity of operational information, and compliance with laws and regulations, all of which can have a direct relationship to an organization’s financial performance.


Our EHS professionals provide expert knowledge and innovative tools, like our EHS-Dashboard™, to help organizations maintain regulatory compliance and continual improvement. We develop systems and provide strategic planning to elevate your EHS program.


  • DOT/DHS chemical storage

  • EMS/HSMS audit (pre-certification/surveillance)

  • Environmental management and health and safety management systems gap analysis

  • Environmental permit and regulatory compliance

  • Environmental due diligence

  • Facility risk assessment

  • Hazardous waste disposal

  • Health and safety compliance including:

    • Bloodbourne pathogens exposure-

    • Lockout/tagout energy control program review

    • OSHA general industry and construction standards

    • Process safety management

    • Personal protective equipment hazard assessment certifications

  • ISO legal and other compliance review

  • Risk management plan prevention

  • Third party certification

  • Waste minimization/pollution prevention

“CAPACCIO’s compliance auditing services always prove to be useful to our organization and help us to continue to meet or exceed our compliance goals."

Stephanie Benson,

Environmental Manager, 

Toray Plastics


  • Show due diligence to regulators and customers by a proactive approach to managing your EHS risks

  • Understand EHS system weaknesses in order to continually improve processes

  • Qualify to use regulatory "self-disclosure policies," therefore reducing chances of fines and penalties

  • Lower overall business risk/discover risks before they become liabilities

  • Improve financial performance

  • Increase worker safety and retention

  • Ensure compliance with environmental, health, and safety regulations

  • Enhance customer/supplier relationships

  • Realize improvements to systems, processes, and practices

  • Create a culture of continual improvement

  • Become a leader in your industry

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