30 Years of Growth – It All Started With a Logo

Since our founding in 1992, we have helped companies of all sizes to continuously grow, be competitive, and move the needle towards a more sustainable future. But do you know what the band, The Monkees, the Peanuts comic, and lunchboxes all have to do with Capaccio? 

In honor of our 30th anniversary, we’d like to share some of the lesser-known facts about our company, our roots, and the path that brings us to today. 

Bob and Iraida Capaccio established this company in 1992 in Sudbury, MA. Bob reminisces, “My inspiration was my father who began his business after serving as a Lieutenant in WW2 making steel rule dies. He taught me to work hard for what I wanted to achieve and keep going through adversity, which would always come along. After college, as a chemical engineer with an advanced degree in environmental engineering, I could see how to apply environmental concerns to industrial and manufacturing processes.”  

At the time, Capaccio needed a logo to help establish the brand, so Bob reached out to his cousin Peter LoBianco to help. Peter was a talented artist and worked for his brother Nicholas as part of LoBianco Studios, a commercial art firm in NYC.  The firm was responsible for an array of sought-after lunchboxes, including Lost in Space, Peanuts, Hot Wheels, Superman, and many more.  LoBianco Studios had sketched The Monkees guitar logo on a napkin for a friend years ago, and Bob figured the firm would be best to design the Capaccio logo.  

Once Capaccio had an official logo, they were ready to expand. They soon hired Alice Olson, Lisa Wilk, and Lucy Servidio to join the team. Years later, when asked what Capaccio’s greatest accomplishment was, Bob beams, “Running a successful business in a highly competitive market! The fact that the employees assisted me all along the way and then kept the firm growing is an accomplishment I feel blessed for having seen.” 

Over the 30 years since the logo helped to plant the Capaccio flag, there has been a gradual, expanding shift in the scope of what EHS teams are asked to do. Starting from primarily compliance-focused programs to now encompass many other areas of operations such as office-related ergonomics, reducing solid waste generation, increasing reuse and recycling of materials, and conservation of water and energy, to name a few. Emerging trends are further expanding the realm of EHS beyond internal operations to address the needs of customers, investors and other stakeholders alike. 

Throughout all of the changes in the industry, Capaccio’s vision has empowered the company to evolve and grow with the expanding role of EHS, staying ahead of the curve in the recognition of the business value of EHS functions within the overall strategy of organizations. In 1996 the first Capaccio website went live, and by 2003, the firm had grown enough to move into larger offices in Marlborough, MA.  

Capaccio’s original mission statement was, “We engineer solutions,” which was later changed to the current motto, “Helping industry and the environment prosper.” Bob’s love of the industry, his country, and the environment set the stage for the company’s ever-expanding mission. In 2008, Bob Capaccio officially retired, giving the reigns to Lisa Wilk as the firm’s new owner and CEO. With the change in leadership, Capaccio has continued to grow and set the stage for industry leading software, services, and support.  

The EHS-Dashboard™ was created in 2015 by Capaccio’s own EHS professionals to solve the problems their clients face. Their dedicated EHS professionals poured years of EHS expertise and innovation into the EHS-Dashboard™ to improve the way EHS data is managed. With this new tool, teams could spend more time building safer workplaces, minimizing environmental impacts, and positioning their organization for success. 

In 2017, Zweig Best Places to Work presented Capaccio Environmental Engineering with the #1 Environmental Firm award.  By 2018 Capaccio was a nationally recognized leader in EHS and TUR leadership and hosted a delegation from South Korea. They continue to receive awards and recognition from leading organizations: The environmental business international (EBI) New Practice Area Award, Top Women-Owned Environmental Business in Massachusetts, Marlborough Chamber of Commerce “Green Award”, Top Service Firm in New England Environment Survey, and more. 

If you ask any Capaccio employee what drives them, they will tell you, “Our years of experience and unflagging belief in our mission to help industry and the environment prosper. We drive every engagement we enter.” With their award-winning track record and core values of integrity, dedication, commitment, and responsiveness, Capaccio hopes to continue to lead the way in the industry for the next 30 years.