Responsiveness, flexibility and innovation is what makes site assessment and remediation projects successful and, at CAPACCIO, that is what you receive. From having our Licensed Site Professional provide rapid response to a spill or oversee a clean-up, we know that responding to your needs is the foundation of good consulting. We also know that clean up should not be limited to off-site disposal of soil or conventional groundwater treatment systems. There are many treatment technologies and ways to apply them that have become progressively successful in cleaning up sites. Many companies have a patented treatment technology which they promote in self-interest. At CAPACCIO, we objectively review all available technologies and select what is best for our client.


CAPACCIO's LSP, Site Assessment and Remediation services include:

  • Emergency response services including a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week spill assistance hotline

  • Site Assessment and Remediation (ASTM pre-acquisition assessments, Facility closures and “exit” assessments, Comprehensive site investigations, Groundwater modeling, Human health and environmental risk characterizations, Underground storage tank closures, Engineering feasibility studies for remediation, Design, evaluation and enhancement of remedial systems, Permitting, Negotiation with regulators)
  • Massachusetts MCP/LSP Services (Spill response, Reportable release determinations, Immediate Response Action and Release
  • Abatement Measures (Tier Classifications, Phase II Comprehensive Site Investigations, Phase III/IV Remediation Design)
  • Implementation (Response Action Outcome Statements,  Activity and Use Limitations, Downgradient Property Status submittals)
  • Brownfields Redevelopment Services (Site investigation and clean up, Clean up cost estimation,  Environmental risk management, Public meetings/outreach, Financing assistance)
  • Field Services (Groundwater monitoring, Feasibility testing, Contractor oversight)
  • Support Services (Litigation support and expert testimony, Contractor bidding and construction management, Peer review)


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