EH&S Compliance Services

CAPACCIO’s sustainability team is ready to assist you in addressing your organization’s sustainability challenges and opportunities.  Sustainability is how an organization manages its responsibilities for environmental stewardship, social well being, stakeholder engagement, and community-based economic prosperity over the long term.  Whether you are just beginning to investigate how sustainability fits into your organization, or if you already have mature programs in place, our sustainability experts can bring significant value to your organization through our services.

CAPACCIO's sustainability services include:

  • Structured Conversations
    Whether you are starting on your sustainability journey or you have logged many miles, our skilled facilitators can assist your team in reaching the next mile marker.
  • Current State Assessments
    We thoroughly review your current systems and programs and provide value-added recommendations for improvements to maintain your competitive edge.  Our assessments provide a sustainability roadmap with a clear action plan outlining how to improve your sustainability programs, systems, and reporting.
  • Benchmarking
    We benchmark your organization’s systems, programs, and reporting against your industry peers and competitors. We also measure your sustainability performance relative to key customer expectations and leading standards and rating systems.  The benchmark results help drive strategic sustainability planning so you can meet your organization’s sustainability objectives.  Benchmarking helps you stay ahead of the competition and ensures your organization is prepared to meet the growing expectations of customers and other important stakeholders. Click here for more information of what these services include.
  • Strategic Planning
    CAPACCIO assists with short- and long-term strategic planning to move your organization from its current situation to its desired sustainable outcome.  CAPACCIO helps create and facilitate a practical sustainability strategy and program to get your organization from point A to point B. We provide guidance to ensure you meet your objectives and position your organization for a competitive advantage.
  • Program Development and Implementation
    Our engineers and scientists assist with developing and implementing programs to support your sustainability objectives, including energy and water resource conservation efforts, solid waste reduction efforts, and environmental, health and safety improvements
  • Systems Integration
    We develop and implement systems to assist with maintaining your sustainability data and analyzing your metrics. We integrate these systems with your existing operations and systems to establish a streamlined process for routinely generating necessary reports, monitoring progress, and achieving successful outcomes.
  • Sustainability / Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
    CAPACCIO has helped companies prepare their sustainability reports to improve their ratings on a variety of different investor (Dow Jones sustainability index, CDP and GRI indicators) and stakeholder rating programs.  CAPACCIO works with your organization to gather and prepare the data and then consolidates the content for your Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. CAPACCIO works with corporate communications, human resources, legal, finance, environmental, health and safety, and other functional areas to ensure your organization issues a coherent and meaningful report.
  • Training
    We provide training to bring your team up-to-speed on CSR trends, requirements, and implementation within your organization.   We train both those who are new to CSR as well as those with established programs.