EH&S Compliance Services

Early in its history, OSHA recognized industrial hygiene as an integral part of a healthful work setting. OSHA places a high priority on using industrial hygiene concepts in its health standards and effectively enforces job safety and health regulations for workers. OSHA has even created OSHA required programs to address and prevent issues stemming from Industrial Hygiene issues. CAPACCIO’s Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) can help evaluate, monitor, and control potential physical, chemical, and biological hazards and employee exposures in your workplace. Our Industrial Hygiene services assist companies in identifying building-related problems like chronic noise exposure or indoor air quality in the workplace that can lead to such outcomes as employee hearing loss, headache, fatigue and nausea.

CAPACCIO's industrial hygiene services include:

  • Air Contaminant Monitoring / Air Sampling
    Commonly classified as particulate or gas / vapor contaminants, the most common particulate contaminants include dusts, fumes, mists, aerosols, and fibers. These contaminants are formed or generated through a variety of processes and inhaling them can be harmful to your employees. CAPACCIO can test for these contaminants and provide solutions to protect your employees from future exposure.
  • Biological Laboratory and Safety Program Reviews
    Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other living organisms can cause acute and chronic infections by entering the body either directly or through breaks in the skin. Workers in occupations that deal with plants, animals or their products, food and food processing, or laboratory and medical personnel, are at risk to being exposed to biological hazards. CAPACCIO can help reduce these risks through an assessment and follow-up measures including practicing proper personal hygiene / hand washing, providing proper ventilation and personal protective equipment, ensuring infectious waste disposal systems are adequate, and installing the appropriate controls including isolation from potentially contagious diseases.
  • Chemical and Gas Exposure Assessments
    Harmful chemical compounds in the form of solids, liquids, gases, mists, dusts, fumes, and vapors can be toxic and / or create toxic effects through inhalation, absorption, or ingestion. The degree of risk from exposure to these substances depends on the potency and magnitude and duration of exposure. CAPACCIO’S CIH can assess your employee’s chemical / gas exposure and provide ways to protect your workers from harm. CAPACCIO’s OSHA Compliance Assistance services can also ensure you are compliant with OSHA'S Hazard Communication Standard.
  • Employee Medical Surveillance Program Development
    Medical surveillance is used to monitor the health of employees who work in a setting where there may be exposure to occupational hazards. Medical surveillance programs can be built into the day to day structure of an organization, through health, safety, medical or administrative management. By integrating them into existing programs their utilization and success will be maximized. CAPACCIO can determine the extent, magnitude, and risk factors of workplace illnesses and injuries that may exist and create a program to ensure ongoing work place safety and prevention.
  • Ergonomic Assessments and Training
    Ergonomics involves looking at the physiological and psychological demands of a job on the worker and encompasses a full range of tasks including lifting, holding, pushing, walking, and reaching. Many ergonomic problems result from repetitive motion, poorly designed job tasks, excessive vibration and noise, eye strain, and heavy lifting. Improperly designed tools or work areas can also be ergonomic hazards. If these hazards are not addressed, conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome can result. CAPACCIO can provide a worksite analysis and design an ergonomics plan that best addresses your workers' physical environment (workstation, lighting, tools, and equipment) and job task (lifting, shifting worker tasks, increasing rest breaks) needs.
  • Facility Decommissioning / Decontamination / "Clean" Certifications for Vacated Premises
    To successfully relocate operations from an existing facility or construct a brand new one requires the integration of environmental factors as soon as the project begins. From the decommissioning of an existing facility to the site selection for a new location, CAPACCIO has the expertise to deliver critical environmental services to your project design teams. Our qualified professionals provide full-service assistance by preparing the necessary environmental permits, assisting with the environmental design, and providing start-up and training services for your team. Our CIH can also provide decontamination and “clean” certification services.
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluations / Investigations
    Air quality is one of the most important factors in keeping employees healthy and able to work efficiently. CAPACCIO’s Certified Industrial Hygienists can conduct investigations and monitor for exposure to a variety of air quality problems such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust mites, and petroleum hydrocarbon levels. We’ll get to the root of the problem or help prevent them before they occur.
  • Noise Monitoring and Control / Hearing Conservation Programs
    Because noise is a significant physical hazard, OSHA requires that workers in noisy surroundings be periodically tested to prevent potential hearing loss. Noise, however, can be controlled by various measures including installing equipment and systems that operate quietly; by enclosing or shielding noisy equipment; by making certain that equipment is in good repair and properly maintained; by mounting equipment on special mounts to reduce vibration; and by installing silencers, mufflers, or baffles. Substituting quiet work methods (e.g. welding parts rather than riveting them) for noisy ones is another significant way to reduce noise. Treating floors, ceilings, and walls with acoustical material or erecting sound barriers / acoustical booths at work stations and / or by providing hearing protection can also reduce reflected or reverberant noise. CAPACCIO can assist in evaluating your workplace and providing solutions to best meet your needs.
  • Radiation Control Program Assistance
    Excessive levels of ionizing and nonionizing electromagnetic radiation can cause a worker safety issue, especially given the amount of time one is exposed to it. In occupations where there is exposure to ionizing radiation, length of exposure, distance from the radiation source, and proper shielding are important tools in ensuring worker safety. These same tools are used for nonionizing radiation, however, increasing the distance is not always effective. Increasing the distance from a laser source may require miles before the energy level reaches a point where the exposure would not be harmful. CAPACCIO can assess your specific situation and find ways to ensure your workers are protected in the best way possible.
  • Ventilation System Evaluations
    Proper ventilation is required throughout a workplace to ensure that occupants get enough fresh air to maintain comfort and dilute contaminants. Deficient ventilation can cause significant problems for a building and its occupants. Industrial or process ventilation is used to control contaminants generated during or as part of an industrial process. To ensure air flows properly throughout your facility, CAPACCIO’s Ventilation System Evaluations measure the air flow to document current system conditions, inspects HVAC system operations; evaluates current hood design and recommends enhancements; evaluates local exhaust system design; and provides cost-effective recommendations to address any ventilation issues.