EH&S Compliance Services

Our highly qualified and skilled engineering professionals provide technical solutions to meet all of your engineering and design needs. From industrial process modifications to water / wastewater / groundwater treatment and conservation; air pollution control system evaluation and design; and soil pollution prevention, control and remediation systems; we design cost effective, environmental sustainable solutions that work because our engineers come from industry and understand the needs and concerns of the end users.

CAPACCIO's engineering and design services include:

  • Air Quality Control
    CAPACCIO will work with you to create a plan that identifies the applicability of air regulations to your facility and its processes. We’ll determine how well your facility is demonstrating compliance and recommend what changes, if any, should be implemented. While our approach is to assist our clients in achieving and maintaining compliance, CAPACCIO also has extensive experience working with regulators and can guide you through the process so your company has a vested interest in the outcome.
  • AST/UST Tank Services
    CAPACCIO has inspected, evaluated compliance, provided testing and corrective actions for aboveground and underground storage tanks for numerous clients. As third party inspectors, our professional engineers work with the local and state fire officials to obtain the necessary permits and can obtain cost estimates and oversee tank removal in the event that a removal, excavation, or disposal needs to occur.
  • CAD / CADD Services
    Are you in need of CAD / CADD services, but do not have the resources in house? Or, perhaps you want to take your design plans to the next level? CAPACCIO can be your one stop shop for all your CAD / CADD needs.  Our talented designers can create plans depicting accurate information modeling for a cost-effective price within a time frame that meets your needs. Whether it is scanning and converting old hard copy plans to CAD, updating previously archived CAD geometry, making multiple hard copies, or even scanning hard copies to Adobe for archiving, we can take on small, large, or complicated jobs.
  • Construction and Real Estate Development
    Environmental regulations require specific permits to construct, expand or renovate operations. Many aspects of the facility design, construction and equipment installation require regulatory agency approval prior to construction as well. CAPACCIO’s environmental engineers, scientists and regulatory specialists have extensive experience in facility and manufacturing processes and can work with you and your construction managers to ensure the site development and facility design address environmental specifications and permitting requirements from the very beginning and avoid time consuming and costly delays. Once a facility / process is readied for start up, regulatory agencies often require written plans, training and monitoring to ensure it will operate in a responsible manner. CAPACCIO also offers environmental compliance services to ensure your facility meets these regulations.
  • Facility Commissioning / Decommissioning and Relocation
    To construct a brand new facility or successfully relocate operations from an existing facility to a new one requires the integration of environmental factors as soon as the project begins. From the decommissioning of an existing facility to the site selection for a new location, CAPACCIO has the expertise to deliver critical environmental services to your project design teams. Our qualified staff provides full-service assistance by preparing the necessary environmental permits, assisting with the environmental design, and providing start-up and training services for your team.
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Services
    Concern over global warming effects and the international, federal, and state movement   to implement rules designed to track, curtail, and control GHG emissions, has produced a groundswell of action at corporate levels. Industry is also seeing increased pressure from customers and investors to disclose emissions and actions including reporting to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). CAPACCIO’s air quality engineers understand these drivers and are well-versed in designing and implementing GHG inventories and reporting strategies. Our experience in facility operations as well as our long history of assisting industrial and commercial clients with estimating and tracking their emissions, will ensure your systems are efficient and your company remains in compliance.
  • Licensed Site Professional (LSP), Site Assessment and Remediation
    Responsiveness, flexibility and innovation are what make remediation projects successful and, at CAPACCIO, that is what you receive. From providing rapid response to a spill or overseeing a clean up, we know that responding to your needs is the foundation of good consulting. We also know that clean up should not be limited to off-site disposal of soil or conventional groundwater treatment systems. There are many treatment technologies and ways to apply them that have become progressively successful in cleaning up sites, which many companies promote in self interest. At CAPACCIO, we objectively review all available technologies and select what is best for our client.
  • Process Safety Management / Risk Management
    Chemicals have the ability to react when exposed to other chemicals or certain physical conditions. When chemical reactions are not properly managed, they can have harmful, or even catastrophic consequences, such as toxic fumes, fi res, and explosions. Large facilities are not the only ones at risk. Whether you have 900 pounds (lbs.) or 90,000 lbs. of ammonia, the risk of something happening is similar, and a risk you cannot afford to take.
  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plan
    A Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan must be prepared by all facilities that store greater than 1320 gallons of oil on-site. The plan is used to help prevent any discharge of oil into navigable waters or adjoining shorelines. The main objective behind the SPCC regulation is prevention as opposed to after-the-fact reactive measures. CAPACCIO’s registered Professional Engineers (PE) have vast experience creating SPCC plans for a variety of industries including providing the required inspections and testing through to final certification of the plan.
  • Water and Wastewater Design
    The design and operation of sustainable water and wastewater systems in today’s economy is a challenge. The design process requires attention to specific needs including ease of operation, energy conservation and overall design value and a variety of challenges like space constraints and difficult-to-treat waste streams are commonly faced. CAPACCIO’s engineering team understands these challenges and takes pride in developing creative, cost-effective design solutions and offering value-added alternatives to recycle water, reduce waste and improve energy efficiency. Whether we’re conducting a wastewater characterization, pilot test, system design, construction or operational optimization, our team will guide you through the process and ensure we meet all of your project needs.