CAPACCIO has a wealth of experience working for colleges, universities, schools and institutions with a variety of environmental, health, safety and engineering needs. From providing on-site environmental compliance services, to providing engineering services to upgrade drinking fountains, wastewater treatment design, stormwater management, SPCC plans, sewer permitting and mercury removal, the services we offer to this sector are broad.

Industry Experience
Below is a sampling of just some of the projects we have performed for this industry. For more information on our services and experience, please contact Bill Potochniak at 508.970.0033 ext. 134 or

Environmental Management Program Services
Massachusetts School

CAPACCIO has assisted a private secondary school for three years with the development and maintenance its environmental management program (EMP) for two Massachusetts sites. This includes periodic site visits, specifically, a six hour site visit once each month. Read More...

SPCC Plans
Massachusetts School

For a Massachusetts secondary school, CAPACCIO prepared two oil spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) plans for two school campuses.  Each plan identified the oil storage locations, potential path of flow, and response measures. Several storage locations required the construction of a containment structures. For each location, CAPACCIO provided a conceptual design drawing for containment, which was used by the school to contract a mason to construct the containment. Read More...

Floor Drain Closure
Massachusetts School

CAPACCIO assisted a local secondary school with assessing and closing a number of floor drains under the underground injection well program. Our work included extensive investigation including flow testing, dye testing and closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections to identify the discharge location for each drain. CAPACCIO developed a floor drain inventory and prepared site plans for use in closure planning. CAPACCIO coordinated with the school, the MassDEP, and a local plumbing inspector to prepare and submit the applicable forms for approval prior to floor drain closure: Form WS-1, Notice of Plumbing Inspector Approval to Seal Floor Drain and a “UIC Class V Well Pre-Closure Notification Form” (BRP-WS-06d) for each well or group of wells proposed for closure. CAPACCIO also prepared an area application to register ground water discharges.

Underground Storage Tank Closure
Private University

CAPACCIO assisted a private university with the removal of two 10,000-gallon single-walled fuel oil Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and replacement with a single 10,000-gallon double-walled UST. Read More...

Stormwater Management Plan Assistance
Massachusetts State University

CAPACCIO assisted a state university with developing and implementing a Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) as part of its Municipal Segregated Stormwater System (MS4) National Pollutant Elimination Discharge System (NPDES) permit. Read More...

Chilled Water System Evaluation
Boston-Based University - Dental School

CAPACCIO completed a chilled water system piping corrosion and remediation study at a major university located in Boston by assisting the client with cost-effectively replacing aging system components. CAPACCIO conducted inspections and thickness tests on a representative number of pipe segments to evaluate pipe wall thickness. Read More...

Sewer Permitting
Regional Biosafety Laboratory

CAPACCIO prepared local and state sewer use permit applications for a new regional biosafety laboratory (RBL) for a major Boston-based university.  Due to local interest in the RBL, CAPACCIO and university representatives met with the local sewer commissioners and the superintendent of sewers on several occasions to discuss the scope and nature of the project. Read More...

Drinking Fountain Upgrades
Massachusetts Universtiy

A Massachusetts University had the drinking water from several fountains tested at a multi-floor academic building and found elevated levels of copper and lead. The drinking water at this facility was supplied to each fountain as part of a re-circulating distribution loop, which was operated and maintained by the building owner. Read More...

Mercury Removal System
Boston-Based University - Dental School

CAPACCIO provided a school of dental medicine with design and construction services for the replacement of several aging vacuum collection tanks. The original vacuum system was constructed of a galvanized steel vacuum piping system connected to a series of galvanized collection tanks. Read More...

Sewer Inspection
Large-Scale University

To promote economic growth in the biomedical research field, the university worked with the town to develop a 100 acre site owned by the university for biomedical research. The town rezoned the area and approved the development plans; however, concerns over sewer capacity were limiting the growth potential. Read More...