CAPACCIO provides a full array of environmental, health and safety and engineering services to the Medical Device industry. From working on-site as part of your EH&S staff, to providing EH&S and Industrial Hygiene services, to sustainability or specialty air and wastewater engineering services, CAPACCIO’s in-depth Medical Device industry knowledge brings value and perspective to every project.

Industry Experience
Below is a sampling of just some of the projects we have performed for this industry. For more information on our services and experience, please contact Linda Swift at 508.970.0033 ext. 119 or

Environmental Management Program
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CAPACCIO provided general consulting assistance relative to the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) for this client. Read More...


UST and AST Inspections
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CAPACCIO conducted a site visit to assess the client’s two underground storage tanks (USTs), aboveground storage tank (AST) and the associated equipment and documentation.  Based on this visit, CAPACCIO issued a summary letter report listing our recommendations of specific corrective actions, regulatory requirements, and a summary of the UST Third Party Certification requirements. Read More...

AST Tank Inspection with Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
Medical Device Industry

The client owns and operates a 10,000 gallon aboveground storage tank for fuel oil that was installed in 1968 when the facility was used by another company as a distribution warehouse.  The AST provided fuel to the boiler system used to heat an unoccupied warehouse area.  In accordance with 502 CMR 5.00, all ASTs that are greater than 10,000 gallons in capacity are required to undergo an annual inspection by a qualified tank inspector. Read More...

Indoor Air Quality Investigation
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The client was experiencing odors from unknown sources that were causing employee discomfort and complaints.  To demonstrate management’s commitment to employee health and safety, the client hired CAPACCIO to address and resolve these indoor air quality issues. Read More...

Industrial Hygiene and Safety Consulting Services
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The client requested an Industrial Hygiene Survey to assess the strength of the electric and magnetic fields generated by approximately 12 pieces of equipment using induction heating coils and to evaluate any potential employee exposures to the radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Read More...

Wastewater Compliance Assistance
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CAPACCIO prepared existing condition facility plans as required by the MassDEP and reviewed the industrial wastewater pretreatment system (IWPS) at the client’s facility.  CAPACCIO’S review compared the existing system configuration and equipment against the regulatory requirements and Design Construction Standards for IWPS.  Read More...

Medical Device Industry

The client was relocating operations from one facility to another facility. The operations in the previous facility generated industrial wastewater, however because the facility was on septic, the wastewater streams were currently evaporated. The client wished to tie into the new facility’s sewer system, however, due to time constraints related to construction, they continued to utilize the evaporator at the new facility while pursuing a wastewater discharge permit from the Town. Read More...

Rideshare Survey and Report Preparation
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Based on applicable MassDEP rideshare regulations and reporting forms, CAPACCIO prepared an Employee Commuter Survey including questions on current commute patterns, shift schedules, transportation methods, awareness of offered commuter services, obstacles and motivations for using alternative transportation modes (i.e., carpooling, van pooling), and interest in using alternative transportation. Read More...