CAPACCIO has a wealth of experience servicing the Environmental, Health and Safety needs of the Food industry. From working on site as a part of our client’s EH&S team, to assisting with SPCC plans, removing above (AST) or underground (UST) storage tanks to creating engineering and sustainability solutions that help our clients remain in compliance, our experience in the food  industry experience is extensive. Our professionals come from industry and understand the nuances to our client’s challenges and needs, which results in cost efficient and effective solutions.

Industry Experience
Below is a sampling of just some of the projects we have performed for this industry. For more information on our services and experience, please contact Chris Walton at 508.970.0033 ext. 139 or

Packaging Designer for a Major Fast-Food Retailer
Development of a Sustainability Framework to Track Sustainability Progress

CAPACCIO assisted this client, a designer of packaging for a major fast-food retailer, to create an ISO 14001 framework with which to incorporate and organize sustainable packaging elements. In an effort to be more environmental and sustainable, the client had already increased the recycled content in its packaging, re-engineered the coating on the containers, as well as ensured the packaging to be more recyclable at disposal.  These efforts, along with others, were not documented in any type of system by the company. Read More...

Major Food Manufacturer
527 CMR 33 Assistance

CAPACCIO assisted this client with determining their process category and preparing their permit for the new 527 CMR 33 Hazardous Process or Processing Regulation. CAPACCIO began by conducting a Process Hazard Analysis and reviewing the process vessels and processing to determine the client’s category. CAPACCIO then assisted the client with compiling and preparing specific documentation to demonstrate compliance to the regulation. Deliverable to the client included an overall summary document with an appendix of all relative documents needed to obtain their permit.

Leader in Premium Quality Chocolate
Wastewater Treatment PH Neutralization System Review, Upgrade Recommendations, and Discharge Pipe Mapping

CAPACCIO provided wastewater engineering and consulting services to a leading premium chocolate manufacturer. The client was operating a single stage pH neutralization system to neutralize industrial wastewater generated through washing and cleaning operations conducted during the manufacturing of chocolate at its New Hampshire facility.  The existing system was designed as part of an acid cleaning operation and was only intended to be used a few times a year.  The system consisted of a 500-gallon polyethylene-cone-bottom tank, top mounted agitator, pH probe and controller, caustic metering pump, verification probe, and transfer pumps.  Neutralized wastewater is transferred from this system to two underground grease traps located outside of the building. Read More...

Environmental Management Program
Worldwide Breakfast Cereal Producer

CAPACCIO assisted this client in maintaining its Environmental Management Program (EMP) for its Massachusetts site, through once per month site visits from March 2009 through February 2010. On-site work included maintaining and updating the environmental compliance calendar and permits list and meeting with the client’s personnel team to review the status of environmental tasks and upcoming requirements. Read More...

EPCRA 313 Form R / TURA Form S Reporting and TUR Planning Assistance
Largest Branded Dairy Operator

CAPACCIO reviewed this client’s threshold determination calculations for RY 2005 to determine which EPCRA 313 / TURA chemicals triggered thresholds. CAPACCIO recommended that the client to put together a spreadsheet for all chemicals used in 2005 for these calculations. CAPACCIO discussed “manufactured byproducts” with employees knowledgeable with the process. Read More...

SPCC Plan Preparation
Family Owned and Operated Manufacturer of Snack Products

The client stores cottonseed oil for use in production at its facility in a shop fabricated bulk aboveground storage tank (AST) with a name plate capacity of 10,150 gallons and a shop fabricated reserve AST of approximately 1,100 gallons.  The amount stored in above ground containers exceeded the threshold quantity of 1,320 gallons, which required that the facility prepare an SPCC Plan in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations (40 CFR 112). Read More...

Worldwide Breakfast Cereal Producer

CAPACCIO prepared a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan for the client’s Massachusetts site. To prepare this plan, CAPACCIO submitted a request to the client for SPCC-related information, including training records, tank testing records, bulk oil storage quantities and locations, oil transfer practices, spill history, location of oil-filled operational equipment, facility plans, and other general operational information.  Read More...

Pretreatment System Design
Family Owned Manufacturer of Dips, Spreads and Salads

A food manufacturer was required by the town to install pretreatment to remove fats and oil and adjust the pH of their wastewater prior to discharging to the sewer system. CAPACCIO performed the original design work for the client and was later hired to complete the design; assist with the construction; coordinate and submit drawings to the POTW; and review shop drawings. CAPACCIO designed a lift station, oil / water separator (based on the API design) and a dual pH system with re-circulating flow in the event a pH exceedence should occur.

AST Inspection with Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
Family Owned and Operated Manufacturer of Snack Products

The client owns and operates a 10,000 gallon aboveground storage tank for vegetable oil at its facility, which was installed in 1988. In accordance with the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for Oil Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) found in 40 CFR 112, spill containment was required.   Read More...

Tier II, EPCRA, TUR Planning
Worldwide Breakfast Cereal Producer

CAPACCIO provided Tier II services to the client, a worldwide breakfast cereal producer. CAPACCIO reviewed the maximum and average chemical storage inventory data for Reporting Year (RY) 2007 to confirm that the client needed to report only one chemical on its EPCRA, Hazardous Chemical Inventory Report (Tier II report) for 2007.  Read More...

Non-Major Comprehensive Plan Approval Submittal
Food Waste Processor

CAPACCIO assisted a processor of food waste who operated a fat, oil, and grease separation process in filing an air permit application for installation of odor control equipment.  Fugitive odors from holding tanks and separation processes were collected and routed to a combination activated carbon and biofiltration odor control system.