“Helping Industry and the Environment Prosper,” is our core mission at CAPACCIO and one we firmly believe in. Whether it is a collective endeavor at work, or an individual community project, CAPACCIO makes every effort to help people and the environment whenever possible. From instituting green practices in the workplace, to supporting the futures of young engineers through Golf Tournament sponsorships, to getting on our hands and knees at Earth Day to clean up the Charles River, we continuously search for ways to make a difference.

CAPACCIO Technical Experts Participate in Science and Technology Symposium

More than 30 scientific professionals gathered at the Mindess Elementary School in Ashland, Massachusetts to give students in grades 3-5 a glimpse into their fields for the sixth annual Science and Technology Symposium. CAPACCIO’s Jill Vernes, CHMM, TURP, Senior Environmental Scientist, taught the students about soil science and Wayne Bates, PhD, PE, ENV SP, Vice President of Technical Services and wastewater treatment expert, talked about water and filtration. Both Vernes and Bates reside in Ashland.


CAPACCIO Attends Career Fair

On Saturday, March 22, the Ashland (Massachusetts) Education Foundation and Ashland PTO co-hosted the first region-wide college and career fair. The MetroWest College and Career Fair offered high school students and their families from 15 neighboring towns the chance to meet with over 150 colleges and universities to help with the college search process. A Career Fair also followed which showcased over 100 careers paths one could take, along with representatives from each career to answer specific questions. CAPACCIO’s Wayne Bates participated in the career fair to provide students a glimpse into the environmental engineering profession. State Sen. Karen Spilka, D-Ashland, kicked-off the event which was a resounding success!