Working at CAPACCIO is truly a rewarding experience. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the inside scoop.  

“CAPACCIO prides itself on finding the best people in their field, but it goes beyond this. Employees here are not only experts in a variety of fields, but they are also great people to be around in and outside of work. This makes working at CAPACCIO a pleasure.”
Travis, Environmental Scientist 

“CAPACCIO trains you to do the best job that you can do. After the initial learning curve, you get to spend a good portion of your time working independently.  There is a great self satisfaction in completing a project entirely on your own. But if you get stuck, or have questions, there is always someone available to help you with answers or direct you on how you can get them. Our entire staff is a team and we all fit into the bigger whole of CAPACCIO.”
Thomas, Senior Designer / CAD Manager

“My job at CAPACCIO is better than other jobs because I am never in the same place from day to day and never doing the same thing day in and day out.  I get to work on a variety of different and interesting projects, and get to meet different people in different industries.  I learn how different companies operate and figure ways to help get them where they need to be environmentally. When I have completed a project, there is always another project or job to occupy my time, which makes working at CAPACCIO exciting for me.”
Daniel, CHMM, TURP, Senior Environmental Scientist  

“The biggest thing I noticed at CAPACCIO is the positive attitude everyone has and the appreciation that is felt. We are also encouraged to grow professionally through seminars, classes and organizations.”
Lynn, Senior Environmental Engineer

EBC Best Places to WorkCAPACCIO is proud to have won the The Environmental Business Council of New England (EBC) “Best Places To Work” challenge in both 2008 and 2009.
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Note: EBC opted to not have a 2010 Best Places to Work survey